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Introducing Agricultural Policy and Economics:

In the intricate tapestry of agriculture, the threads of policy and economics weave together, shaping the landscape for farmers, communities, and global food systems. Research in Agricultural Policy and Economics delves into the economic forces and policy frameworks that influence agricultural practices, trade, and sustainability, aiming to strike a delicate balance between economic viability and societal well-being.


Trade Policies and Global Agriculture:

Explore the impacts of international trade policies on agriculture, addressing issues of market access tariffs, and subsidies to ensure fair and equitable participation in the global marketplace.

Risk Management Strategies:

Investigate strategies and policies for managing agricultural risks, including crop insurance, financial instruments, and adaptive measures to enhance the resilience of farmers  in the face of uncertainties such as climate change and market fluctuations.

Farm Income Support Programs:

Examine the effectiveness of income support programs  for farmers, analyzing subsidies, direct payments, and other financial mechanisms to ensure the economic viability of agriculture while promoting sustainable practices

Sustainable Agriculture Incentives:

Focus on policies that incentivize  and support the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, integrating environmental considerations into economic frameworks to promote long-term  resilience.

Rural Development Policies:

Explore policies aimed at fostering rural development, addressing issues such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare to create thriving agricultural communities that contribute to broader economic and social well-being.

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Agricultural Policy and Economics

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