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Assist Prof Dr Amr Shendy: Food Safety
Scientific and Technical Coordinator at  Agricultural Research Center, Egypt

Dr. Amr Shendy is a seasoned researcher with over 15 years of expertise in analyzing residues and environmental contaminants in foods. Currently based at the Central Laboratory of Residue Analysis in Cairo, Egypt, he specializes in pesticides and veterinary drugs, adhering to ISO 17025 standards for accredited laboratories. In his extensive career, Dr. Shendy has played pivotal roles in committees related to veterinary drug residue regulations and special foods’ registration at the National Food Safety Authority. He actively contributed to setting technical regulations, risk assessments, and monitoring programs for residues in foods.

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📚 Education & Achievements:

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (2022): Investigated screening and confirmatory analysis techniques for veterinary drug residues and pesticide residues in functional foods, including infant formulae and traditional herbal medicines. Conducted at Cairo University, Egypt. MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2015): Explored veterinary drug residues and pesticide residues in Egyptian honey. Completed at Cairo University, Egypt. Pre-Master Courses (2009-2010): Undertook various courses in preparation for the Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. Covered advanced instrumental analysis, Analytical Chemistry, statistical evaluation, data interpretation, mathematics, quality control & assurance, scientific writing, and food chemistry at Cairo University, Egypt. BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2002-2007): Received a Bachelor’s Degree with an excellent grade and degree of honor from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Cairo University, Egypt.

🌐 Achievements:
  • Successfully established Egyptian technical regulations for MRLs of veterinary drugs.
  • Contributed to modifying MRL of Ractopamine based on risk assessment.
  • Issued a monograph on “Caffeinated Energy Drinks” and established a track and trace system using QR barcoding.

👨‍🔬 Dr. Amr Shendy’s multifaceted roles showcase his expertise in analytical chemistry, regulatory oversight, and commitment to ensuring food safety standards Food Safety Research Recognition.

👨‍🔬 Membership Highlights:
  • FAO/WHO Expert Committee (2023–2027):
    • Member of the Expert Roster, contributing expertise to the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA). Also, part of FAO Roster of Experts on Residues of veterinary drugs.
  • Egyptian Standardization Organization (EOS):
    • Served as a member of the Veterinary Drug Residues Committee, actively contributing to the establishment of standards in veterinary drug residues.
    • Contributed insights as a member of the Water Committee, showcasing dedication to broader quality and safety standards.
  • EU-BTSF Key Contact Point:
    • Formerly held a key role as the EU-BTSF’s contact point for novel and traditional foods, emphasizing collaboration and knowledge exchange at the European level.

🌐 Dr. Amr’s memberships reflect a commitment to global and national collaborations in setting standards, ensuring food safety, and contributing expertise to key committees.

🍇 Research Focus:

Dr. Amr H. Shendy’s research primarily revolves around the field of analytical chemistry, specifically in ensuring the safety of food products. His studies encompass a diverse range of topics, including the development and validation of protocols for residue analysis in honey, detection of pesticide residues in various commodities, and risk assessment tools for long-term exposure to pesticides. Moreover, his work extends to the efficient determination of ultra-low levels of pesticide residues in functional foods, emphasizing precision and accuracy. Dr. Shendy’s research contributes significantly to advancing methods for ensuring the quality and safety of food products Research Impact. 🍽️🔬

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Amr Shendy | Food Safety | Best Researcher Award

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