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Mr Atiqur Rahman: Plant | Best Researcher Award

Plant Breeder at  Aftab Bahumukhi Farm Ltd., Bangladesh

Atiqur Rahman is a Bangladeshi Rice Breeder currently stationed at Jahurul Islam Rice Breeding Station (JIRBS), Aftab Bahumukhi Farm Ltd. His expertise lies in conventional and molecular plant breeding, as well as plant developmental biology. With a Master’s in Genetics and Plant Breeding from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Atiqur’s research focuses on Morpho-Molecular Characterization of Bottle Gourd for Developing Heterotic Hybrid.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
🎓 Education:

🎓 Master of Science in Genetics and Plant Breeding (Jan 2019 – June 2021) Thesis title: Morpho-Molecular Characterization of Bottle Gourd for Developing Heterotic Hybrid. Institution: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh. 🎓 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Feb 2015 – Dec 2018) Major: Genetics & Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, etc. Institution: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh

Technical Skills:

🧬Population genetics, Conventional & molecular breeding 🧪 DNA & RNA extraction, PCR, Gel electrophoresis & HPLC 💻 In silico characterization, Research data analysis, Scientific writing 🖥️ Software: R studio, Minitab, GSDS, MEGA, MS Office, Mendeley Desktop

Training and Workshops:

🌾 October 2023: Hybrid rice cultivation and seed production technologies, BRRI, Bangladesh 📊 March 2023: Methods and tools of market survey, International Rice Research Institute 🌱 January 2023: Agricultural Research Planning and Scientific Report Writing, IRRI, Bangladesh 📸 January 2023: Basic Photography Training (online), IRRI, Bangladesh 🌏 December 2022: Green Prevention and Control Technology, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China ♀️ December 2022: Training on gender awareness and sensitivity, IRRI, Bangladesh 📊 November 2022: Combining Ability Analysis for the Development of Heterotic Pool, IRRI, Bangladesh 📈 2021: Statistical Package for Postgraduate in Agriculture, BAU, Bangladesh 🧠 2020: Introduction to Research, California Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychology 🖥️ 2019: Basics of MS Office, Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh 🗣️ 2018: Workshop on Influence of Language Practice on Higher Studies and Professional Life, BAU, Bangladesh

Research Focus 🌱🔬:

Atiqur Rahman is a passionate plant breeder 🌾 with a primary research focus on rice and potato genetics. His work spans diverse areas, including in silico identification of starch synthase genes in potatoes 🥔, advances in DNA methylation in higher plants 🧬, and empowering two-line hybrid rice breeding through CRISPR innovation 🔬. Collaborating with a team, he explores adaptability and yield stability in mung beans 🌱, contributing to Scientia Horticulturae. His research extends to ideotype-based genotype selection in sweet potatoes 🍠 and delves into the molecular uniqueness of Magnaporthe oryzae strains causing blast disease in rice 🌾.



Jennifer Eunice R. has garnered a commendable impact in the academic realm. With a total of 83 citations since 2019, she maintains a consistent h-index and i10-index of 4 and 3, respectively. These metrics reflect her influential contributions and the resonance of her work within the scholarly community. 🌐📊🔍


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Atiqur Rahman | Plant | Best Researcher Award

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