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Introduction of Agroecology and Ecosystem Services

Agroecology and Ecosystem Services research form a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture, recognizing the intricate relationships between farming practices and the broader ecosystem. This field investigates how agroecological principles can enhance biodiversity, soil health, and ecosystem services, ensuring resilient and environmentally friendly food production systems.


Pollinator-Friendly Agriculture:

Research in this area explores agroecological practices that support pollinator populations, such as maintaining diverse flowering plants, minimizing pesticide use, and creating habitats that enhance the ecosystem service of pollination critical for crop production.

Agroforestry for Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration:

Investigating the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, this subtopic explores how agroforestry practices enhance biodiversity, contribute to carbon sequestration, and provide multiple ecosystem services, including improved water regulation and microclimate.

Water-Efficient Agroecosystems:

Focusing on sustainable water management, this subfield examines agroecological approaches that optimize water use efficiency, reduce water pollution, and enhance ecosystem services related to water, ensuring the sustainability of agricultural systems in the face of water scarcity.

Crop Rotation and Biological Pest Control:

Examining diversified cropping systems, research explores agroecological practices like crop rotation that enhance soil health and reduce the need for chemical inputs. Additionally, it investigates the promotion of natural enemies for biological pest control, minimizing the reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Socio-Ecological Resilience of Farming Communities:

Acknowledging the social dimensions, this subtopic explores how agroecology contributes to the resilience of farming communities. It investigates community-based approaches, local knowledge integration, and social structures that enhance the well-being of farmers and foster sustainable agroecological practices.

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Agroecology and Ecosystem Services

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