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Dr  Carlos Rodriguez-Rodriguez: Leading Researcher in Bioremediation
 Professor at Universidad de Costa Rica, country: Costa Rica

🏆Congratulations, Dr Carlos Rodriguez-Rodriguez, on winning the esteemed Best Researcher Award from ResearchW! Your dedication, innovative research, 🎉  your dedication and innovative contributions in the field of renewable energy and agriculture are truly inspiring! Your work in advancing solar energy technologies and addressing crucial issues like postharvest losses demonstrates your commitment to positive change. ☀️

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Rodriguez stands as a leading figure in bioremediation research, specializing in the application of innovative solutions for environmental challenges. His educational journey, marked by honors and a Ph.D. with “Cum laude” recognition, laid the foundation for his impactful career. As the Director of the Research Center of Environmental Pollution at Universidad de Costa Rica, he led groundbreaking research in renewable energy and agriculture, addressing crucial issues such as postharvest losses. Dr. Rodriguez-Rodriguez’s diverse expertise spans microbiology, biotechnology, and environmental science, contributing significantly to the positive transformation of his field.

📚 Professional Profiles:
Education: 📚

PhD Biotechnology (honorable mention “Cum laude”) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2012 MSc Advanced Biotechnology Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2009 Bachelor (Licenciatura) Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry (with honors) Universidad de Costa Rica, 2004  🌿

Work Experience: 💼

Director March 2016-2020 Research Center of Environmental Pollution (CICA), Universidad de Costa Rica Researcher/Professor 2012- Research Center of Environmental Pollution (CICA)/ Faculty of Microbiology, Universidad de Costa Rica Pre-doctoral student 2008-2012 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Researcher/Professor 2004-2008 Faculty of Microbiology/Research Center of Tropical Diseases (CIET), Universidad de Costa Rica Hospital internship Jan-Jun, 2004 National Hospital for Children Industry internship Jan-Feb, 2003 Cooperative of Milk Producers “Dos Pinos” (Costa Rica)

 Research focus: 🌟🔬

This researcher’s diverse body of work spans the intersection of environmental science, water treatment, and ecotoxicology with a primary focus on Costa Rican ecosystems. Their investigations range from the innovative use of organic fertilizers in solar photo-Fenton processes for wastewater treatment to the assessment of pharmaceuticals’ impact on aquatic environments. They contribute significantly to the understanding of multi-residue pharmaceutical analysis, exploring novel catalysts for simultaneous degradation, and addressing environmental risks associated with agricultural practices. With a strong emphasis on Costa Rican catchments and wastewater treatment plants, this researcher’s work underscores a commitment to sustainable environmental management and ecotoxicological evaluations in Latin American regions.

Publications Top Notes:
Carlos Rodriguez-Rodriguez | Bioremediation

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