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🏆 Dr FRANK IDAN: Leading Research in Animal Nutrition

🌟Dr. Frank Idan is an accomplished professional in the field of Animal Science, currently serving as a Lecturer in the Department of Animal Science at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi. Holding a Ph.D. in Grain Science (Feed Science and Management) from Kansas State University, USA, his dissertation focused on enhancing the nutrition and growth performance of broilers through feed processing and fiber addition.📝

Publication Profile:

🎓 Education:

  • PhD in Grain Science (Feed Science and Management) – Kansas State University, USA, 08/2016-12/2019
  • MPhil. in Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) – University of Ghana, 08/2011-07/2014
  • BSc. (Hons) in Agriculture – University of Cape Coast, 09/2000-06/2004

💼 Employment History:

📅 September 2020 to Date: Lecturer at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi 📅 August 2016 to December 2019: Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Kansas State University 📅 June 2014 to August 2016: Part-Time Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses in Animal Science Subjects include Feed Analysis, Animal Nutrition, Poultry Production, Livestock Management, and more

📝 Professional Contributions:

Published in journals like Ghana Journal of Science and Frontiers of Physiology, USA Committee Secretary for Curriculum Review and Animal Feed Science at KNUST Sectional Head for Meat Processing and Cattle Units at KNUST.

🏆 Awards and Achievements:

  • 🌍 World’s Poultry Congress Grant:
    • Awarded GHȻ 15,000 by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to attend and present at the World’s Poultry Congress in Paris, France (August 7th – 11th, 2022).
  • 🎓 Graduate Student Council Travel Award:
    • Received a travel grant of $400 for delivering an oral presentation at the IPPE 2019 in February 2019.
  • 🌟 AG-Liventis Foundation Scholarship:
    • Honored with a $1,500 scholarship for the Best Project/Research Proposal in Animal Science at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, in August 2012.

Dr. Frank Idan’s commitment to research excellence and contributions to the field of Animal Science have been recognized through these prestigious awards and scholarships. 🏅📚

Research Focus:

Dr. Frank Idan’s research focuses on enhancing livestock nutrition and growth, with a particular emphasis on broilers and sheep. His studies explore innovative strategies such as supplementing rice straw with fodder tree leaves, evaluating pellet diameter and crumble size effects on broiler performance, and assessing the impact of feeding starter crumbles. Through publications in reputable journals like the Journal of Applied Poultry Research and the European Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Dr. Idan contributes valuable insights to the field of animal science. His dedication to improving feed processing and fiber addition underscores his commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient livestock production. 🌾🔬

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FRANK IDAN | Animal Nutrition

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