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Prof Dr Michael Kontominas | Food Analysis | Excellence in Research

Professor at  University of Ioannina, Greece

Michael G. Kontominas is a distinguished figure in the field of Food Chemistry and Technology. He graduated from the University of Athens, Greece in Chemistry in 1975 and obtained his Ph.D. in Food Science, specializing in Food Chemistry, from Rutgers the State University, USA in 1979.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

📍 Education:

Chemistry graduate, University of Athens, Greece (March/1975). Ph.D. in Food Science (Food Chemistry concentration), Rutgers the State University, USA (1979)

👨‍🏫 Academic Positions:

Full Professor of Food Chemistry and Technology, University of Ioannina, Greece (1997-present). Visiting scholar at Rutgers University, Michigan State University, Fraunhofer Institute for Food Processing and Packaging

💼 Professional Achievements:

  • Materialized numerous national and international research projects
  • Editor of 3 international journals
  • Supervised 21 Ph.D. and 60 MSc. theses
  • Holder of three patents
  • Technical consultant to the Greek Food and Packaging industry

🏆 Awards:

  • 1st prize winner in national and European contest ‘Ecotrophilia 2011’
  • Developed Eco-friendly food product commercialized as D’AVERO

🔬 Research Focus: Food Analysis

  • Specializes in Food Analysis with a focus on ensuring food safety and quality.

This summary encapsulates the distinguished career and significant contributions of Prof. M.G. Kontominas, particularly highlighting his expertise in Food Analysis.


  • Citations: 11,560
  • Documents: 263
  • h-index: 61

Publications Top Notes:

  1. Geographical and botanical differentiation of Mediterranean prickly pear using specific chemical markers
    • Authors: Louppis, A.P., Constantinou, M.S., Kontominas, M.G., Blando, F., Stamatakos, G.
    • Journal: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 2023, 119, 105219
    • Citations: 5
  2. Volatile aroma compounds of distilled “tsipouro” spirits: effect of distillation technique
    • Authors: Kokoti, K., Kosma, I.S., Tataridis, P., Badeka, A.V., Kontominas, M.G.
    • Journal: European Food Research and Technology, 2023, 249(5), pp. 1173–1185
    • Citations: 3
  3. Catalysis and Inhibition of Transesterification of Rapeseed Oil over MgO–CaO
    • Authors: Margellou, A.G., Koutsouki, A.A., Petrakis, D.E., Kontominas, M.G., Pomonis, P.J.
    • Journal: Bioenergy Research, 2023, 16(1), pp. 528–538
    • Citations: 1
  4. Characterization and Differentiation of Fresh Orange Juice Variety Based on Conventional Physicochemical Parameters, Flavonoids, and Volatile Compounds Using Chemometrics
    • Authors: Vavoura, M.V., Karabagias, I.K., Kosma, I.S., Badeka, A.V., Kontominas, M.G.
    • Journal: Molecules, 2022, 27(19), 6166
    • Citations: 10
  5. Combined Effect of Chitosan Coating and Laurel Essential Oil (Laurus nobilis) on the Microbiological, Chemical, and Sensory Attributes of Water Buffalo Meat
    • Authors: Karakosta, L.K., Vatavali, K.A., Kosma, I.S., Badeka, A.V., Kontominas, M.G.
    • Journal: Foods, 2022, 11(11), 1664
    • Citations: 8
  6. Effect of starter culture, probiotics, and flavor additives on physico-chemical, rheological, and sensory properties of cow and goat dessert yogurts
    • Authors: Papaioannou, G.M., Kosma, I.S., Dimitreli, G., Badeka, A.V., Kontominas, M.G.
    • Journal: European Food Research and Technology, 2022, 248(4), pp. 1191–1202
    • Citations: 8
Michael Kontominas | Food Analysis | Excellence in Research

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