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Dr  Mokhles  Kouas : Leading Researcher in Climate Change
Senior Expert Biogas-PhD at  ENGIE,  France

🎉 Congratulations, Dr. Mokhles Kouas, on winning the prestigious Best Researcher Award from ResearchW! 🌟 Your unwavering dedication and innovative contributions in renewable energy and agriculture are truly inspiring. 🌱 Your groundbreaking work in advancing solar energy technologies and tackling critical issues like postharvest losses showcases your commitment to positive change. 🌞 Keep shining bright in the realm of research and making a meaningful impact! 👏🏆

🌍 Dr. Mokhles Kouas is a trailblazing climate change researcher and Senior Biogas-PhD Expert at ENGIE, France. 🏆 He holds a PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Montpellier, focusing on optimizing co-digestion through kinetic characterization of solid substrate biodegradation. 🌱 With a foundation in bioengineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia, Dr. Kouas is dedicated to advancing environmental solutions. 🎓✨

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Professional Profiles: 🌐🔬

🎓 PhD in Process Engineering, University of Montpellier, France (July 2014 – June 2018) 🌿 Specialization: Kinetic characterization of solid substrates biodegradation for co-digestion optimization. 🏢 Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology LBE-INRAE, Narbonne.

🔬 Engineer in Bioengineering, National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia (2010 – 2013) 🌐 Bioengineering cycle: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Sustainable Development, Food Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Computing, MATLAB…

A rich educational journey blending environmental biotechnology and bioengineering expertise! 🌱🔍


Since October 2018 Senior Expert Biogas-Biology-PhD, ENGIE – Energy transition, decarbonization and circular economy – Technical support to develop biogas / biomethane activities worldwide in the group – Due diligence and 2nd regard – Industrialization : monitoring tools for biogas plants / consolidated database – Engineering (design and conception), technology evaluation – Establishment of biological database for CEIGAR-ENGIE – Steering of the establishment of a consolidated feedstocks database at Engie group level with the development of IT interfaces for the Besdev – Control and validate the prediction of the operational performance for ENGIE biogas projects – Evaluate / develop industrial predictive tools for co-digestion – Feedstocks characterization and evaluation, recipe optimization – Develop experimental supports with external partners – Develop operational guidelines and design standards for biogas plants – Training and upskilling of ENGIE employees (managers, developers, operators) – Transversal Management and steering, POC evaluation and validation – Contribution to the digitalization of ENGIE biogas plants – COP Biogas animation and contribution – Exchange with external ecosystem (EBA, WBA, CSF, ATEE, labs, Institutes…) 🌱💡

  • Expertise in biological processes : anaerobic digestion and co-digestion (biomethane)
  • Renewable gases, energy transition, circular economy
  • Due diligence / 2 nd regard
  • Industrialization / engineering (design, conception, process)
  • Modeling anaerobic co-digestion and digitalization
  • Database establishment
  • Feedstocks characterization / evaluation : chemical and kinetic fractionation
  • Recipe optimization, operational performance / stability optimization of biogas plants
  • Conception and design of biogas plants : selection of substrates and OLR, performance optimization
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Data science
  • Technologies / processes evaluation and optimization
  • R&I and technology transfer
  • Transversal management, steering and coordination
  • Best practices / knowledge management
Research focus: 🎓✨

Dr. Mokhles Kouas’s research primarily revolves around the modeling and optimization of anaerobic co-digestion processes, emphasizing solid waste management. His notable publications delve into topics such as predicting methane production in co-digestion of solid waste, robust assessment of biochemical methane potential, and degradation kinetics of solid residues. Dr. Kouas also explores the intricacies of hydrolysis modeling, comparing simultaneous versus sequential biodegradation. His work extends to improving the anaerobic biodegradability of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste through mechanical and thermochemical pretreatments. With a focus on sustainable waste-to-energy solutions, his research contributes significantly to the evolving field of renewable energy and waste management.

  1. Modeling the anaerobic co-digestion of solid waste: From batch to semi-continuous simulation

             Cited by 15 year : 2019

  1. Co-digestion of solid waste: Towards a simple model to predict methane production

            Cited by 8 year : 2018

  1. Robust assessment of both biochemical methane potential and degradation kinetics of solid residues in successive batches

             Cited by 19 year : 2017

  1. Modelling hydrolysis: Simultaneous versus sequential biodegradation of the hydrolysable fractions

            Cited by 10 year : 2020

  1. Improvement of anaerobic biodegradability of organic fraction of municipal solid waste by mechanical and thermochemical pretreatments Int.

             Cited by 84 year : 2017

Mokhles Kouas | Climate Change

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