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Dr Shams Rahman Rahmani: Soil Science
Instructor at  Purdue University, United States

Dr. Shams R. Rahmani is an accomplished soil scientist and instructor based at Purdue University. He earned his PhD in Soil Science from Purdue in 2020, focusing on Digital Soil Mapping at the Purdue Agronomy Center. Prior to this, he obtained an MS in Soil Science, creating a Digital Soil Properties Map of Afghanistan, and a BSc in Agronomy from Kabul University.Currently serving as an Instructor at Purdue, Dr. Rahmani teaches Introductory Soil Science and Forest Soils courses. His teaching experience spans both the U.S. and Afghanistan, where he lectured on soil science, fertility, and conservation.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
📚 Education:
  • PhD in Soil Science (Purdue University, May 2020)
  • MS in Soil Science (Purdue University, Dec 2014)
  • BSc in Agronomy (Kabul University, Dec 2009)
🌍 Professional Experience:

🎓 Current: Instructor at Purdue University, teaching Introductory Soil Science & Forest Soils. 🧑‍🔬 2015-2020: Graduate Research Assistant at Purdue University. 👨‍🏫 2010-2020: Lecturer at Kabul University, teaching Soil Science, Soil Fertility, and Soil/Water Conservation

🌱 Teaching Highlights:

Courses: Introductory Soil Science, Forest Soils, Soils and Landscapes, Soil Physics. Responsibilities: Lab preparation, grading exams, field trips, and office hours. 💼 Lecturer at Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (USAID) in 2011-2012. Shams Rahmani’s journey revolves around cultivating knowledge in soil science, from mapping Afghanistan’s digital soil properties to instructing future soil scientists at Purdue University. 🌍.

Research Focus 🌱🔍

Digital Soil Mapping: Pioneering digital mapping techniques, Rahmani explores soil organic matter and cation exchange capacity using LiDAR data. 🗺️ Terrain Analysis: Leveraging lidar-derived terrain indices, his work delves into estimating natural soil drainage classes in the Wisconsin till plain, employing logistic regression and machine learning. 📊 Practical Applications: Rahmani’s expertise extends to mapping subsurface tile lines on research farms, employing aerial photography, paper maps, and expert knowledge. 🚜 Educational Resilience: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rahmani investigates the evolving landscape of teaching introductory soil science. 📚 His collaborative efforts showcase a commitment to advancing soil science through innovation and application. 👨‍🔬


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Shams Rahman Rahmani | Soil Science | Best Researcher Award

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