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Mr Shubh Pravat Singh Yadav | Plant Science | Best Researcher Award

Trainer at G. P. Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Centre, Nepal

Shubh Pravat Singh Yadav is a dedicated researcher and agricultural professional based in Gothgaun, Morang, Nepal. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from G.P. Koirala College of Agriculture and Research Centre under Purbanchal University, specializing in plant science, entomology, sustainable agriculture, and agronomy.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

📚 Education:

  • BSc in Agriculture from G.P. Koirala College (Expected June 2023)
  • High School: Trinity International College, Nepal (2018)
  • Little’s Angles Higher Secondary School, Nepal (2016)

👨‍🎓 Work Experience:

  • Trainer at Kamana Agriculture Solution and Research Centre Pvt Ltd
  • Agricultural Researcher at Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project
  • Research Intern at PMAMP
  • Research Assistant (UG) at GP Koirala College of Agriculture & Research Centre
  • Farm Sub-manager at Nandalal Krishi Farm

🏆 Honors and Awards:

  • Merit-based Scholarship Award (2018-2023)
  • Scholarship Researcher Award in PMAMP Program (2023)

🔧 Skills:

  • Proficient in data analysis tools (R-studio, Gen-stat), Microsoft software, GIS tools, and graphic design (Adobe Photoshop, Canva).

🌾 Research Interests:

  • Plant Science
  • Entomology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Agronomy

Research Focus 📝:

Shubh Pravat Singh Yadav is a dedicated researcher with a multifaceted focus on sustainable agriculture. His diverse contributions range from biodiversity conservation strategies (🌿) to exploring genetic variability in rice panicle traits (🌾). Yadav’s innovative approach extends to permaculture case studies in Nepal, showcasing his commitment to sustainable farming practices (🌏). Moreover, he delves into the significance of biochar application for soil health enhancement (🌱). His expertise also extends to assessing the efficacy of insecticides in rice cultivation, emphasizing integrated pest management (🦟). In strawberry cultivation, he explores the impact of nitrogen dosages on plant parameters, ensuring a holistic understanding of agricultural practices (🍓).


Publications Top Notes:
Shubh Pravat Singh Yadav | Plant Science | Best Researcher Award

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