Nani Gopal Das | Livestock | Best Researcher Award

Prof Dr Nani Gopal Das | Livestock | Best Researcher Award

Professor (Rtd.) at  Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dr. Nani Gopal Das is a distinguished marine scientist with a rich academic background and extensive expertise in coastal aquaculture and marine fisheries. Born on July 15, 1944, in Bangladesh, he earned his Bachelor of Science from Chittagong Govt. College in 1966 and went on to complete his M. Sc. in Zoology with fisheries specialization from the University of Dhaka in 1968.


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Educational Journey of Dr. Nani Gopal Das 📚

  • Bachelor of Science: Chittagong Govt. College, 1966
  • Master of Science: University of Dhaka, 1968
  • Master of Aquaculture: University of the Philippines, 1985
  • Doctor of Philosophy: University of Kolkata, India, 1998

Dr. Nani Gopal Das embarked on a remarkable educational odyssey, culminating in a Ph.D. that solidified his expertise in Marine Science. His academic prowess spans institutions in Bangladesh, the Philippines, and India, shaping him into a distinguished authority in the field. 🌍🎓


Professional Training of Dr. Nani Gopal Das 🎓

  • Diploma in Statistics: ISRT, University of Dhaka, 1972
  • Diploma in Aquaculture: SEAFDEC, the Philippines, 1985
  • Diploma in Estuarine Science: Department of Marine Science, University of Kolkata, 1987
  • Training on Coastal System Research and Development: Centre for Oceanology – LIPI, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1990
  • Training Workshop on “Strengthening Fishery Education Syllabus”: Aquaculture & Aquatic Resources Management, AIT, Bangkok, Thailand, 2001

Dr. Das’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his diverse training experiences, spanning statistics, aquaculture, estuarine science, coastal system research, and fishery education. These endeavors have undoubtedly enriched his expertise and contributed to his role as a distinguished professional in the field. 🌐📖

Special Interests:

Dr. Nani Gopal Das’s Special Interests 🌊🐟

Dr. Nani Gopal Das has dedicated his passion and expertise to the following areas:

  • Coastal Aquaculture: Specializing in the cultivation of shrimp and fish, Dr. Das brings valuable insights to the sustainable development of coastal aquaculture practices.
  • Marine Fisheries: With a keen focus on marine ecosystems, Dr. Das’s interest extends to the dynamics and management of marine fisheries, contributing significantly to the understanding of this crucial field.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM): Dr. Das is actively involved in the integrated approach to managing coastal zones, emphasizing the interconnectedness of ecological, social, and economic aspects for a holistic and sustainable coastal environment.

His dedication to these areas showcases a commitment to the responsible utilization and conservation of coastal resources, making him a notable figure in the realm of aquaculture and marine sciences. 🌱🌊

Research Focus 🌱🔬:

Dr. Nani Gopal Das, a distinguished figure in aquaculture and marine sciences, has showcased a versatile research portfolio. His primary research areas encompass Coastal Aquaculture (with a specific focus on shrimp, fish, mollusk culture), Marine Fisheries, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), and Planktology. Through his roles as a Supervisor, Research Supervisor, and Project Director, he has contributed significantly to artificial breeding techniques, breeding technologies for various fish species, and the sustainable development of coastal aquaculture. Dr. Das’s dedication to diverse research projects reflects his commitment to advancing knowledge in these vital areas of marine science. 🌊🔬


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