Marc Escriba Gelonch | Precision Agriculture | Excellence in Research

Dr Marc Escriba Gelonch | Precision Agriculture | Excellence in Research

Investigador at  Universitat de Lleida, Spain

Dr. Marc Escribà-Gelonch is a renowned researcher and academician with expertise in flow chemistry, sustainability, and process development. He holds a Ph.D. in Agronomic, Food, and Forestry Systems from the University of Lleida, where he graduated with top honors. Throughout his career, Marc has held prestigious postdoctoral positions at esteemed institutions such as Eindhoven University of Technology and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in France.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

PhD in Agronomic, Food and Forestry Systems, University of Lleida. Master in Workplace Health and Safety, Financial Studies Center (Madrid). Various postgraduate studies in Cooperative societies, Food industries, and more.

🏆 Awards & Recognitions:

European Climate Pact Ambassador for Spain. Multiple fellowships and grants for research excellence. Winner of the “Poster of the Year” award and “Green Pharmaceuticals Award.”

🔬 Academic Achievements:

Contributor to indexed journals and associate editor roles. Member of university boards and PhD evaluation committees.

📚 Research Interests:

Microreactors and flow chemistry, sustainability, process development, process intensification, food chemistry, multi-step and multiphase synthesis, photo-chemistry, enzyme & non-enzyme mediated catalysis.

🔬 Research Focus: Precision Agriculture

Microreactors and flow chemistry. Sustainability in chemical processes. Process development and intensification. Food chemistry. Multi-step and multiphase synthesis. Photochemistry. Enzyme and non-enzyme mediated catalysis

These areas indicate a strong emphasis on developing innovative and sustainable chemical processes, particularly in the context of food chemistry, utilizing techniques such as microreactors and flow chemistry, as well as exploring various catalytic mechanisms including enzymatic and non-enzymatic pathways.


Publications Top Notes:

  1. “Definition of agronomic circular economy metrics and use for assessment for a nanofertilizer case study”
    • Journal: Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 196
    • Pages: 917–924
    • Co-authors: Butler, G.D., Goswami, A., Tran, N.N., Hessel, V.
    • Abstract: This article discusses the definition of agronomic circular economy metrics and their application in assessing a nanofertilizer case study.
  2. “Synthesis of New Amino-Functionalized Porphyrins: Preliminary Study of Their Organophotocatalytic Activity”
    • Journal: Molecules
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 28(4)
    • Pages: 1997
    • Co-authors: Torres, P., Guillén, M., Crusats, J., Moyano, A.
    • Abstract: The article presents the synthesis of amino-functionalized porphyrins and explores their organophotocatalytic activity.
  3. “Process Technology and Sustainability Assessment of Wastewater Treatment”
    • Journal: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 62(3)
    • Pages: 1195–1214
    • Co-authors: Tran, N.N., Sarafraz, M.M., Sagadevan, S., Hessel, V.
    • Abstract: This review article discusses process technology and sustainability assessment methods for wastewater treatment.
  4. “Circular bioprocess for phosphorus nutrient recovery to grow lettuce in lunar space”
    • Journal: Green Chemistry
    • Year: 2023
    • Volume: 25(2)
    • Pages: 755–770
    • Co-authors: Hessel, V., Sojitra, M.K., McLaughlin, M., Tran, N.N.
    • Abstract: This article describes a circular bioprocess for recovering phosphorus nutrients to grow lettuce in lunar space.


Shivam Yadav | Precision Agriculture | Best Researcher Award

Mr Shivam Yadav: Precision Agriculture
Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, India

Shivam Kumar Yadav is a skilled computer science professional currently pursuing a Master’s in Technology at Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, with a remarkable 8.04 CGPA. His journey began with a Bachelor’s in Technology from the Institute of Technology and Management, where he earned a 6.75 CGPA. As a Graduate Researcher at AI & Drone Design Lab, MMMUT, Shivam is deeply involved in the research and development of machine learning and deep learning models. His responsibilities include integrating these models with IoT devices and deploying them on drones and cloud servers. Notably, he has led the AI team, working on real-world projects, publishing research papers, and collaborating with PhD researchers and industry experts.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
🎓 Education:
  • Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, MMMUT, 2021-2023, CGPA: 8.04
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, ITM Gorakhpur, 2016-2020, CGPA: 6.75
💼 Experience:
  • Graduate Researcher (Jan 2021 – Present)
    • AI & Drone Design Lab, MMMUT
    • Spearheading research in ML, DL, IoT integration with drones and cloud servers
    • Led the AI team, collaborated with Ph.D. researchers, and submitted research papers
  • Machine Learning Intern (July 2022 – Aug 2022)
    • Cognizant (Virtual Experience Program)
    • Conducted EDA, Data Modeling, and built predictive ML models for business insights
🚀 Projects:
  • Drone Based Object Detection and Segmentation Model for Smart Farming
    • Developed computer vision model for crop detection through drones
    • Sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India
  • Object Recognition and Scene Understanding Model for Self-Driving Cars
    • Created Semantic segmentation model for self-driving cars using deep learning technologies
  • Machine Learning Model for Soil Quality Analysis
    • Implemented IoT-based ML model for soil health analysis, predicting suitable crops
    • Deployed on AWS EC2 server with a user interface using Flask
🔧 Technical Skills:
  • Languages/Frameworks: Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Flask, Java, HTML/CSS
  • Tools: Git, AWS, Sagemaker, Kaggle, Jupyter Lab, Matlab, VS Code, MPLAB, Linux
  • Technology: ML, DL, CNN, GAN, NLP, Data science pipeline, IoT, Drone Technology
📜 Certificates:
  • Deep Learning Specialization

Shivam Kumar Yadav is a tech enthusiast and researcher, with a knack for pushing boundaries in machine learning, computer vision, and IoT. From leading AI teams to contributing to innovative projects, Shivam thrives at the intersection of theory and practical application. His commitment to sustainable agriculture and smart technology solutions is evident in his impactful projects.

🍇 Research Focus:

Shivam Kumar Yadav is a trailblazer in precision agriculture, specializing in multiclass weed identification through semantic segmentation. His research, published in Ecological Informatics, presents an automated approach using deep learning for enhanced agricultural precision. As a co-author, he contributed to the creation of the Multiclass Weeds Dataset for Image Segmentation, a valuable resource for advancing weed identification technology. Additionally, Shivam explores the synergy of Big Data and IoT, as evidenced by his paper “Exploring the Power of Big Data for IoT: A Comprehensive Review” presented at the 2023 International Conference on IoT, Communication, and Automation Technology. 🚜🌐🔍


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ESTEFANIA AGUIRRE-ZAPATA | Crop protection | Best Researcher Award

PhD Candidate at  Instituto de Automática, Universidad Nacional de San Juan – CONICET, Argentina

Estefanía Aguirre Z. is a Biomedical Engineer with a Master’s in Automation and Industrial Control from the University Institution ITM in Colombia. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Control Systems Engineering at the Instituto de Automática with dual affiliation to UNJS and CONICET in San Juan, Argentina. Her doctoral research focuses on interpretability and parametric hierarchy in biotechnological process modeling.With a strong background in mathematical modeling, programming, and simulation spanning over four years, Estefanía has contributed significantly to the field of automation and control. She has a wealth of experience as a researcher and professor, specializing in mathematical modeling, estimation, and control of bioprocesses.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
🎓 Education:
  • Ph.D. in Control Systems Engineering (Ongoing)
    • Thesis: Interpretability and Parametric Hierarchy in Biotechnological Process Modeling
  • MSc. in Industrial Automation and Control
    • Thesis: State Estimation for Nonlinear Systems with Measurement Delay
  • B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
    • Degree Work: Design and Development of the MASTER CRAFT MC500 Sterilization Device
🔬 Work and Research Experience:

Researcher and Doctoral Student at INAUT, focusing on mathematical modeling, estimation, and control of bioprocesses. Professor at EADIC, contributing to the master’s degree in biomedical engineering. Technology Appropriation Trainer, conducting workshops on programming, web design, mobile app development, educational robotics, and home automation. Researcher at ITM, involved in state estimation for nonlinear systems with measurement delay. Production Coordinator at DENTOMAT S.A.S., overseeing the manufacture of dental medical devices. Technical Management Assistant at DENTAL X-RAY S.A.S., ensuring compliance with national and international regulations.

Research Focus 🌱🔍

Estefanía Aguirre-Zapata’s research focus lies at the intersection of Mathematical Modeling and Control in Biotechnological and Industrial Processes. Her work delves into innovative areas such as forecasting flight activity of Lobesia botrana, modeling supersaturation in sugar crystallization, and understanding growth kinetics in biological processes. 🌱 Her contributions extend to designing virtual sensors for glucose monitoring in diabetes, emphasizing interpretability in biotechnological models, and exploring control strategies for sugar crystallization. 📊 Estefanía’s commitment to advancing knowledge is evident in her prolific publications, addressing crucial aspects of process modeling and control in diverse fields. 🚀


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