Cecilia Diaz-Mendez | Sociology of Food | Best Paper Award

Mrs Cecilia Diaz-Mendez | Sociology of Food | Best Paper Award


Cecilia Díaz-Méndez is a renowned sociologist, currently holding the position of Professor of Sociology at the University of Oviedo, Spain, where she serves as the Chair of the Sociology Department. With a career spanning several decades, her expertise lies in the fields of Sociology of Food, Sociology of Consumption, and Rural Sociology.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

Academic Achievements 📜

  • Ph.D. in Sociology: Universidad de Oviedo, 1995.
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology: Universidad Autónoma Madrid, 1986.

Awards and Recognition 🏆

  • Received the CAPES 2018 award for the best doctoral thesis in Social Sciences in Brazil.
  • Recognized for the best article of the year in the journal “Distribución y Consumo” in 2015.

Research Impact 📊

  • Over 100 scientific publications, 1,700 citations on Google Scholar, h-index 23 on ResearchGate.
  • Leadership in 25 research projects, including 11 competitive ones, contributing significantly to the field of Sociology.
  • Directed 5 doctoral theses, one awarded the CAPES 2018 for the best doctoral thesis in Social Sciences in Brazil.

Research Focus 🌾🔬

Cecilia Díaz-Méndez is a distinguished sociologist with a research focus spanning the intricate relationship between societal factors and nutrition. Her work delves into the challenges posed by economic crises and pandemics on healthy eating in Spain. From exploring inequalities in healthy food consumption during the Great Recession to investigating social factors of obesity using Spanish surveys, her research contributes valuable insights. Díaz-Méndez also engages in a sociohistorical analysis of the intersection of sports, body, and nutrition across generations. Her diverse research portfolio demonstrates a commitment to understanding societal impacts on food practices. 🌐👩‍🔬✨


  • Citations: The individual has been cited 229 times across 209 documents. This indicates the impact and influence of their work within the academic community.
  • Documents: The person has authored or co-authored 32 documents, which could include research papers, articles, or other scholarly publications.
  • h-index: The h-index is a metric that reflects both the productivity and impact of a researcher’s work. A h-index of 9 suggests that there are at least 9 documents that have been cited at least 9 times each.


Publications Top Notes:
  1. “From the economic crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain: The challenges for healthy eating in times of crisis”
    • Published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science in 2023.
    • Explores the impact of economic crises and the COVID-19 pandemic on healthy eating in Spain during challenging times.
  2. “Are Spanish Surveys Ready to Detect the Social Factors of Obesity?”
    • Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2022.
    • Investigates the readiness of Spanish surveys in capturing the social factors contributing to obesity.
  3. “The combined use of quantitative and qualitative longitudinal methods in the study of obesity”
    • Published in Gaceta Sanitaria in 2021.
    • Discusses the application of both quantitative and qualitative methods in understanding obesity through time.
  4. “Well-being and the lifestyle habits of the Spanish population: The association between subjective well-being and eating habits”
    • Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2021.
    • Examines the connection between subjective well-being and eating habits among the Spanish population.
  5. “Food consumption and health: Eating habits of a Spanish extra-domestic diner”
    • Published in OBETS in 2021.
    • Explores the food consumption habits and health implications of Spanish extra-domestic diners.

These articles collectively contribute valuable insights to the intersection of economic challenges, public health, and dietary habits in Spain. 📚🍽️