Shamsollah Ayoubi | Fertility Management | Best Scholar Award

Prof Shamsollah Ayoubi | Fertility Management | Best Scholar Award

Researcher at  Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Professor Shamsollah Ayoubi, born on December 31, 1971, in Kashan, Iran, is an esteemed Iranian soil scientist renowned for his contributions to environmental pedology, digital soil mapping, soil erosion, and soil pollution research.

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🎓 Education:

BSc in Soil Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. MSc in Soil Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. PhD in Soil Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

🏫 Teaching Experience:

Assistant Teaching at Isfahan University of Technology (1995-2001). Teaching at Gorgan University, Iran (2002-2006). Teaching at Isfahan University of Technology (2007-present)

🏆 Awards:

Recipient of various awards including Top Young Researcher at Isfahan University of Technology and Top Researcher in Isfahan Province

🌱 Research Focus: Fertility Management

Professor Shamsollah Ayoubi specializes in Fertility Management research, delving into the intricate dynamics of soil fertility and its optimization for sustainable agricultural practices. With a keen focus on maximizing crop yield while minimizing environmental impact, his work encompasses the study of nutrient cycling, soil amendments, and innovative techniques for enhancing soil health. Through comprehensive analysis and experimentation, Professor Ayoubi seeks to develop practical strategies tailored to diverse agricultural landscapes, aiming to address global food security challenges and promote ecological resilience. His contributions in Fertility Management underscore a commitment to advancing agricultural sustainability and fostering resilient ecosystems for future generations.


Professor Shamsollah Ayoubi has been cited a total of 7,145 times, with an h-index of 48, indicating the impact of his research throughout his career. Since 2019, he has garnered 5,311 citations, with an h-index of 42, reflecting continued relevance and influence in his field during recent years. These citation metrics underscore the significant contributions Professor Ayoubi has made to the scientific community, particularly in the realm of Fertility Management research.


 Windinkonté Seogo | Food Security | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr  Windinkonté Seogo: Food Security
Lecturer at  Université Joseph KI ZERBO, Burkina Faso

Windinkonté Seogo is an accomplished Associate Professor in Economics based in Burkina Faso. Born on February 27, 1987, he holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the Université Ouaga II, Burkina Faso, earned in 2018. His doctoral thesis focused on “Property Rights and Agricultural Production in Burkina Faso.” Dr. Seogo’s academic journey includes a Baccalaureate in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Agricultural and Environmental Economics, and a DEA/Master II in Economics and Agricultural Policies. He has been actively involved in educational activities since December 2018, serving as a Lecturer at the Kaya University Center, Joseph Ki-Zerbo University.

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👨‍🎓 Education:

PhD in Applied Economics, UFR SEG, Université Ouaga II, Burkina Faso, 2018. Master’s in Agricultural and Environmental Economics, UFR SEG, Université de Koudougou, Burkina Faso, 2011. Bachelor’s in Agricultural and Environmental Economics, UFR SEG, Université de Koudougou, Burkina Faso, 2010. DEUG in Economics, UFR SEG, Université de Koudougou, Burkina Faso, 2009. BAC in Mathematics, Lycée provincial du Zondoma, Burkina Faso, 2007

👨‍🏫 Educational Activities:

Associate Professor in Economics at Centre Universitaire de Kaya (CUK), Université Joseph KI-ZERBO, Burkina Faso. Lecturer since December 2018; Assistant Professor since 09/16/2021. Temporary Teaching and Research Attaché (ATER) at Ouaga II University (2015-2018).

🍇 Research Focus:

Dr. Windinkonté Seogo’s research spans diverse aspects of agricultural and rural economics in Burkina Faso. 🌾 His work investigates the impact of youth skills training programs on employment outcomes in low- and middle-income countries, published in Nature Food 🌍. Additionally, he delves into the determinants of technical efficiency in millet production, land tenure system innovations, and the role of non-farm income in preventing household food insecurity. 📈 Dr. Seogo explores the intricate relationships between land ownership, agricultural productivity, and household welfare, contributing valuable insights to sustainable development in rural Burkina Faso. 🏡🌱


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