Ammara Talib | Water Resource | Women Researcher Award

Dr Ammara Talib | Water Resource | Women Researcher Award

PostDoctoral Research Fellow at  Harvard University, United States

Ammara Talib is a highly accomplished researcher and engineer specializing in Civil & Environmental Engineering, with a particular focus on Water Resource Engineering. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where her dissertation concentrated on the prediction and forecasting of evapotranspiration and groundwater anomalies, with a specialization in water resource engineering.

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🏫 Education:

Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison, Aug 2023. MS in Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts Amherst, June 2015. BS in Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan

🔍 Research Experience:

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Harvard Forest, Harvard University (Sep 2023 – Aug 2024). Research Assistant at UW Madison (Sep 2017 – Aug 2023) and UW Madison Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab (Sep 2015 – 2016) Fulbright research fellow at University of Massachusetts Amherst (Sep 2012 – Jun 2015)

🏆 Awards and Fellowships:

She has received numerous awards and fellowships for her academic achievements and research contributions, including grants from UW Water Resources Institute and Wisconsin Potato and Vegetation Growers Association.

🎓 Teaching and Mentorship:

Ammara has experience as a mentor for undergraduate research programs and teaching assistant for various courses in biology and meteorology.

🔬 Research Focus: Water Resource

Ammara Talib is a dedicated water resource researcher, focusing on understanding and managing water systems in the context of environmental change and human impact. Her research encompasses a wide range of topics.


Xu Wu | Water Resources

Dr Xu Wu: Leading Researcher in Water Resources
Senior Lecturer at  School of Civil Engineering, North Minzu University, China

🏆Congratulations, Dr Xu Wu, on winning the esteemed Best Researcher Award from ResearchW! Your dedication, innovative research, 🎉  your dedication and innovative contributions in the field of renewable energy and agriculture are truly inspiring! Your work in advancing solar energy technologies and addressing crucial issues like postharvest losses demonstrates your commitment to positive change. ☀️

💧Dr. Xu Wu is a distinguished researcher in water resources and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Civil Engineering, North Minzu University, China. He recently received the prestigious Best Researcher Award from ResearchW for his groundbreaking contributions to renewable energy and agriculture. 🌟

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Explore the wealth of knowledge and research contributions! 🌐🔬 #ResearcherProfiles #AcademicJourney

Education: 📚

Sep.2020 –Jul.2023 Ningxia University Ph.D degree of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Research topic: Effective Utilization of Water Resource Sep.2013–Jul.2015 China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Master degree of Water Resources Research topic: Water Resources Allocation Technology Sep.2008–Jul.2012 Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Bachelor degree of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Research topic: Effective Utilization of Water Resource 🌿


School of Civil Engineering, North Minzu University Senior Lecturer Sept. 2023-Now Zhejiang Institute of Hydraulics & Estuary Intermediate Engineer Aug. 2016- Aug. 2020

Research focus: 🌟🔬

Dr. Xu Wu is a prominent researcher specializing in lithium metal anodes for rechargeable batteries and high-performance lithium metal batteries. His groundbreaking work, spanning over a decade, encompasses critical aspects such as dendrite-free lithium deposition, electrolyte additives for fast charging, and pathways for long-cycling lithium metal batteries. His expertise extends to the exploration of ionic liquids, hierarchically porous graphene for lithium-air batteries, and advancements in high-voltage lithium-metal batteries enabled by localized high-concentration electrolytes. Dr. Wu’s focus on energy storage technologies, particularly lithium metal batteries, has significantly advanced the understanding and development of sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the future.

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