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Introducing Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens:

Amidst the concrete jungles, Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens emerge as green oases, connecting city dwellers with the roots of cultivation. Research in this field explores the transformative potential of growing food within urban spaces, fostering community resilience, food security, and sustainable living practices.


Vertical Farming in Urban Spaces:

Investigate vertical farming techniques that maximize space utilization, allowing crops to thrive in urban environments, contributing to local food production and reducing the ecological footprint of transportation.

Community Engagement and Empowerment:

Explore research focused on community gardens as platforms for social interaction, education, and empowerment, promoting inclusivity and creating resilient communities.

Urban Soil Health and Remediation:

Examine strategies to enhance soil health in urban agriculture settings, addressing issues of contamination and implementing remediation techniques for safe and sustainable food cultivation.

Biodiversity in Urban Ecosystems:

Focus on the role of community gardens in promoting biodiversity within urban landscapes, creating habitats for pollinators and enhancing overall ecological resilience.

Preservation of Urban Harvests:

Explore sustainable methods for preserving urban harvests, including community-based initiatives for food preservation, storage, and distribution, ensuring that the benefits of urban agriculture extend beyond the growing season.

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Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens

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