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Dr Federica Alchera: Food Processing
Dottorando at Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy

Federica Alchera is a research fellow currently involved in the “Circ0lare!” project at the University of Turin, focusing on enhancing the territory of Pecetto Torinese through cherry by-products. Her expertise includes microwave-assisted extraction of bioactive components, utilizing natural solvents for cosmetic applications. She also works on extending the shelf-life of small fruits using UVB and UVC treatments and recovering industrial fruit waste through Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE). Federica holds a Master’s degree in Packaging from the University of Parma and a Master’s in Industrial Chemistry (110/110 with honors) from the University of Turin. Her thesis involved creating an eco-friendly, antimicrobial pad to prolong the shelf-life of horticultural products.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

In 2022, Federica Alchera achieved a significant milestone by passing the state exam, gaining professional accreditation as a Chemist 🧪. Her commitment to education is evident through the 2020 certification of 24 CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari) for teaching, covering diverse areas such as anthropology, psychology, pedagogy, and instructional methodologies 📚. Federica’s dual expertise in chemistry and education underscores her dedication to both the scientific community and the nurturing of future minds, making her a versatile professional with a passion for knowledge dissemination and skill development. 👩‍🔬🎓


Federica Alchera excels in teamwork 🤝 and possesses strong technical skills 🛠️. Her excellent communication and interpersonal abilities 🗣️💬 make her a valuable collaborator. As an assistant in educational labs, she demonstrates a commitment to knowledge sharing 🎓. Federica is proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 🖥️ and statistical software like Minitab and MODDE 📊. With a solid B2 level in both written and spoken English 🇬🇧, she navigates cross-cultural collaborations seamlessly. Federica’s diverse skill set, coupled with her language proficiency, positions her as a versatile and effective professional. 👩‍💼✨

🍇 Research Focus:

Federica Alchera specializes in Green Chemistry 🌿🔬 with a focus on Microwave-Assisted Extraction (MAE) techniques. Her groundbreaking research explores the extraction of bioactive compounds from blueberry and blackcurrant by-products. In one study, she employed sugar-based NADES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) for MAE, showcasing her commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in chemistry. This innovative approach not only contributes to waste reduction but also opens new avenues for active packaging applications. Federica’s work lies at the intersection of environmental consciousness and scientific advancement, making her a trailblazer in the field of bioactive compound extraction and green chemistry applications.


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Federica Alchera | Food Processing | Best Researcher Award

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