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Dr Marappullige Priyantha Kumara | Food Systems Award | Excellence in Research

Senior Lecturer at  Ocean University of Sri Lanka

Dr. Marappullige Priyantha Kumara, born on October 17, 1976, is a distinguished Senior Lecturer (Grade I) in the Department of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at the Ocean University of Sri Lanka. With a Bachelor of Science (BSc) special degree in Fisheries Biology from the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, earned in 2005, Dr. Kumara further pursued academic excellence, culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Edinburgh Napier University, UK, in 2011.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

PhD in Fisheries Biology (Edinburgh Napier University, UK)

🏫 Work:

Department of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Ocean University of Sri Lanka

🏆 Achievements:

  • Received Neville Shulman Awards in 2010
  • Recognized as the most innovative research student of Edinburgh Napier University (2010-2011)
  • Active member of various scientific associations and committees

🎓 Academic Supervisions:

  • Guided several students in research projects related to mangrove ecosystems

📝 Membership:

  • Lifetime member of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member of academic councils and research committees

Dr. Kumara is a dedicated marine scientist with a passion for conservation and sustainable coastal development. His research and contributions have significantly enriched our understanding of mangrove ecosystems and their importance in the face of climate change.


🔬 Research Focus:

Marappullige Priyantha Kumara’s research primarily focuses on coastal ecosystems, particularly mangroves, and their interaction with human activities and climate change. 🌱 His work investigates the impacts of mangrove plantations on coastal resilience to sea-level rise, as well as the effects of shrimp farming on land-use and carbon storage. 🦐 Through studies like these, Kumara contributes to understanding the ecological dynamics of coastal areas, informing conservation strategies and sustainable development policies. His research emphasizes the importance of preserving mangrove habitats for their role in mitigating climate change impacts and maintaining biodiversity in coastal regions. 🌊


Based on the information provided, the author has been cited 319 times across 270 documents. Their work has appeared in 11 documents, and they have an h-index of 6.

Publications Top Notes

  1. “Impacts of Mangrove Density on Surface Sediment Accretion, Belowground Biomass and Biogeochemistry in Puttalam Lagoon, Sri Lanka”
    • Authors: Phillips, D.H., Kumara, M.P., Jayatissa, L.P., Krauss, K.W., Huxham, M.
    • Journal: Wetlands, 2017, 37(3), pp. 471–483
    • Citations: 24
  2. “Valuing ecosystems as an economic part of climate-compatible development infrastructure in coastal zones of Kenya & Sri Lanka”
    • Authors: Emerton, L., Huxham, M., Bournazel, J., Kumara, M.P.
    • Book Chapter: Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, 2016, 42, pp. 23–43
    • Citations: 3
  3. “Educational opportunity, post-school life and CBR: A multisectoral approach in rural Sri Lanka”
    • Authors: Higashida, M., Kumara, M.R.S., Nakashima, Y.
    • Journal: Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development, 2016, 27(1), pp. 61–77
    • Citations: 1
  4. “Shrimp aquaculture as a vehicle for Climate Compatible Development in Sri Lanka. The case of Puttalam Lagoon”
    • Authors: Harkes, I.H.T., Drengstig, A., Kumara, M.P., Jayasinghe, J.M.P.K., Huxham, M.
    • Journal: Marine Policy, 2015, 61, pp. 273–283
    • Citations: 21
  5. “The impacts of shrimp farming on land-use and carbon storage around Puttalam lagoon, Sri Lanka”
    • Authors: Bournazel, J., Kumara, M.P., Jayatissa, L.P., Morel, V., Huxham, M.
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    • Citations: 57
  6. “Intra- and interspecific facilitation in mangroves may increase resilience to climate change threats”
    • Authors: Huxham, M., Kumara, M.P., Jayatissa, L.P., Skov, M.W., Kirui, B.
    • Journal: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2010, 365(1549), pp. 2127–2135
    • Citations: 90
Marappullige Priyantha Kumara | Food Systems Award | Excellence in Research

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