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Dr Ginjo Gitima | landscape | Best Paper Award

Researcher at  University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Ginjo Gitima Giya is a highly qualified and accomplished individual with a strong background in Geography and Environmental Studies. As a dedicated Ph.D. candidate at the University of Gondar since September 2019, he is committed to advancing his expertise in the field.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

📚 Educational Qualification:

  • Ph.D. Candidate: University of Gondar, Since September 2019
  • M.Sc. Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies (Specialization in Sustainable Natural Resource Management): Dilla University, September 2017 (CGPA: 3.88/4.00)
    • Thesis Title: Determinants of farmers’ Decision to Use Improved Land Management Practices in Gindara Watershed of Omo-Gibe Basin, Southwest Ethiopia (Rated: Very Good)
  • B.A. Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies: Hawassa University, July 2015 (CGPA: 3.78/4.00)

🔧 Skills and Experiences:

  • Software Proficiency: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, SPSS, GIS, IDRISI, ERDAS IMAGINE
  • Experience: Lecturer and Department Head, Bonga University, College of Social Science and Humanities, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (September 2017 to August 2019)

👩‍🔬 Research Focus:

Ginjo Gitima is a dedicated researcher whose work primarily centers on understanding and addressing environmental challenges in Ethiopia. His studies, published in reputable journals, delve into crucial aspects of sustainable land management and climate change impacts on rural communities. From exploring determinants influencing farmers’ adoption of improved practices in the Gindara watershed to assessing the profound impacts of El-Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on agriculture and coping strategies, Ginjo demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental resilience. His research extends to evaluating the intricate relationships between climate variability and rural households, employing tools like the Livelihood Vulnerability Index. Moreover, Gitima’s work involves detailed assessments of land use dynamics and associated drivers, contributing valuable insights to sustainable land management practices. 🌱📚

Publications Top Notes:

1. Quantifying Soil Erosion Impacts in Zoa Watershed, Southwest Ethiopia

Authors: Gitima, G.; Teshome, M.; Kassie, M.; Jakubus, M.

Journal: Ecological Processes, 2023, 12(1), 24

In this open-access article, Gitima et al. employ GIS and the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model to quantify the effects of spatiotemporal land use and land cover changes on soil loss. Focusing on Zoa watershed in southwest Ethiopia, the research provides valuable insights into the environmental consequences of land use dynamics across different agroecologies and slope categories.

2. Spatiotemporal Changes in Land Use and Cover in Zoa Watershed, Southwest Ethiopia

Authors: Gitima, G.; Teshome, M.; Kassie, M.; Jakubus, M.

Journal: Heliyon, 2022, 8(9), e10696

This open-access article explores spatiotemporal land use and cover changes in Zoa watershed, employing geospatial technologies. Gitima et al. contribute to the understanding of how landscapes evolve across agroecologies and slope gradients, offering significant insights for sustainable land management practices.

3. Assessing Land Use and Cover Dynamics in Bechet Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

Authors: Sisay, G.; Gitima, G.; Mersha, M.; Alemu, W.G.

Journal: Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 2021, 24, 100648

This article investigates land use and cover dynamics in the Bechet Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia. The research, authored by Sisay et al., provides a comprehensive assessment of the drivers influencing landscape changes, contributing to our understanding of environmental transformations in this region.


Ginjo Gitima | landscape | Best Paper Award

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