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Prof Silvaldo Silveira | forestry crops | Outstanding Scientist Award

Professor at Darcy Ribeiro North Fluminense State University,Brazil

Dr. Silvaldo Felipe da Silveira is an accomplished Agronomist, holding a Ph.D. in Agronomy with a specialization in Phytopathology from the University Federal de Viçosa, Brazil (1996). Currently serving as an Associate Professor at the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (UENF) in Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, he has been actively contributing to academia since 1996.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

  • Ph.D. in Agronomy (Fitopatologia), UFV, 1996
  • B.Sc. in Agronomy, UFV, 1991

🏢 Professional Affiliation:

  • Professor Associado at Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (UENF) since 1996.
  • Founder and Coordinator of the Clinic Fitossanitária at UENF.
  • Currently serving as Head of the Laboratory of Entomology and Phytopathology.

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience:

  • Currently teaches in the areas of Fitopatologia/Mycology.
  • Involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

👩‍🔬 Research Focus:

Silvaldo Felipe da Silveira, an accomplished researcher and professor, has a diverse research focus spanning plant pathology, microbiology, and agronomy. His recent works include developing a diagrammatic scale for quantifying black spot severity in papaya leaves and exploring mutualistic interactions between Trichoderma longibrachiatum and Serratia marcescens for plant growth promotion. Silveira has also contributed to studies on endophytic fungi associated with bromeliads in restingas, showcasing his expertise in biodiversity research. With a keen interest in phylogeography, he has investigated the distribution of Asperisporium caricae isolates along the Brazilian coastal regions. 🌱🔬📚


Publications Top Notes:

  1. Title: Diagrammatic scale for the quantification of black spot severity in papaya leaves
    Journal: Acta Scientiarum. Agronomy
    Publication Date: 2023-08-22
    Contributors: Helenilson Oliveira Francelino; Marcelo Vivas; Ramon de Moraes; Júlio Cesar Gradice Saluci; Janiele Maganha Silva Vivas; Derivaldo Pureza da Cruz; Geraldo de Amaral Gravina; Silvaldo Felipe da Silveira
    Source: Crossref
  2. Title: Mutualistic interaction with Trichoderma longibrachiatum UENF-F476 boosted plant growth-promotion of Serratia marcescens UENF-22GI
    Publication Type: Other
    Publication Date: 2020-08-26
    Contributors: Régis Josué de Andrade Reis; Alice Ferreira Alves; Pedro Henrique Dias dos Santos; Kamilla Pereira Aguiar; Silvaldo Felipe da Silveira; Luciano Pasqualoto Canellas; Fábio Lopes Olivares
    Source: Crossref
  3. Title: Fungos endofíticos associados a bromélias de restingas, do Parque Nacional da Restinga de Jurubatiba, Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
    Journal: Research, Society and Development
    Publication Date: 2020-06-20
    Contributors: Gustavo de Andrade Bezerra; Vicente Mussi-dias; Pedro Henrique Dias dos Santos; Beatriz Murizini Carvalho; Tathianne Pastana de Sousa Poltronieri; Silvaldo Felipe da Silveira
    Source: Crossref
  4. Title: Sensitivity of hyperparasitic fungi to alternative products for use in the control of papaya black spot
    Journal: Brazilian Journal of Biology
    Publication Date: 2020-02-17
    Contributor: Silvaldo Silveira
    Source: Silvaldo Silveira
  5. Title: Phylogeographic distribution of asperisporium caricae isolates in Brazilian southeastern and northeastern coastal regions, Distribuição filogeográfica de isolados de asperisporium caricae no litoral do sudeste e nordeste brasileiro
    Journal: Bioscience Journal
    Publication Date: 2019
    Contributors: Dos Santos, P.H.D.; de Oliveira, C.R.R.; Gonçalves, V.M.L.; Aredes, F.A.S.; Carvalho, B.M.; Pereira, M.G.; da Silveira, S.F.
    Source: Silvaldo Silveira via Scopus – Elsevier Publications
Silvaldo Silveira | forestry crops | Outstanding Scientist Award

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