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ProfĀ JailaneĀ Aquino: Leading Research inĀ Food Security
Professor atĀ Ā Federal University of ParaĆ­ba,Ā Brazil

šŸŒ±šŸ”¬Dr. Jailane de Souza Aquino is a distinguished Professor at the Department of Nutrition, Federal University of ParaĆ­ba, Brazil, where she has been serving since 2006. As the Head Researcher of the Experimental Nutrition Laboratory, she leads groundbreaking studies focusing on nutritional interventions in rats induced with chronic non-communicable diseases across different life stages. Dr. Aquino is also a dedicated mentor, advising medical students on exchange in Brazil through IFMSA-Score Research Exchange.šŸŒšŸŒ¾

Publication Profile:šŸŒŸšŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“
šŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“ Education:

Dr. Jailane de Souza Aquino’s academic journey is marked by excellence and diverse expertise. She earned her Doctorate in Nutrition from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in 2011, focusing on the physical and chemical evaluation of buriti oil in rats and its utilization in cookie formulations. Under the guidance of Advisor TĆ¢nia LĆŗcia Montenegro Stamford, she delved into the experimental aspects of this research.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Aquino completed her Master’s in Science and Technology of Food at the Universidade Federal da ParaĆ­ba in 2007. Her thesis, under the mentorship of JoĆ£o Andrade da Silva, explored the technical viability of industrializing infertile ostrich eggs.

Her academic journey includes a Specialization in Exercise Physiology from the Universidade Veiga de Almeida in Rio De Janeiro (2006), where she investigated the hormonal response to resistance training during short-term creatine supplementation under the guidance of Advisor Alexandre SĆ©rgio Silva.

Dr. Aquino’s educational foundation in nutrition was laid during her undergraduate studies at the Universidade Federal da ParaĆ­ba, where she graduated in 2003. Throughout her academic pursuits, she received a scholarship from the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento CientĆ­fico e TecnolĆ³gico.

This well-rounded educational background, coupled with her extensive research and contributions, has shaped Dr. Aquino into a distinguished figure in the field of nutrition and experimental studies. šŸŽ“šŸ”¬


Dr. Jailane de Souza Aquino’s impressive career is adorned with numerous accolades, showcasing her outstanding contributions to the field of nutrition and experimental research. Some of her notable awards include:

  • 2022 Neuronutri Honorable Mention:
    • “Jejum de Dias Alternados Minimiza ParĆ¢metro Tipo Ansiouso em Ratos Wistar”
    • “Protocolos de Jejum Intermitente Modificam a TolerĆ¢ncia Ć  Glicose e Insulina de Ratos Wistar”
  • 2021 1Āŗ Congresso Internacional de IntervenĆ§Ć£o na SaĆŗde e no ExercĆ­cio (CIISE) Honorable Mention:
    • “Jejum Intermitente Associado ao ExercĆ­cio AerĆ³bico Diminui Comportamento Depressivo em Ratos Wistar”
  • 2019 UFPB Young Researcher Award:
    • “A SuplementaĆ§Ć£o com Mucuna pruriens Pode Alterar ParĆ¢metros BioquĆ­micos de Ratos Wistar Obesos?”
    • “ComposiĆ§Ć£o Corporal e ParĆ¢metros MurinomĆ©tricos de Ratos Wistar Obesos Suplementados com Mucuna pruriens”
  • 2018 Various Honorable Mentions and Awards:
    • “ComparaĆ§Ć£o de Modelos DietĆ©ticos na InduĆ§Ć£o de AlteraƧƵes na Microbiota Intestinal de Ratos Wistar”
    • “Efeito do Consumo de Jambo (Syzygium malaccense) sobre o Perfil LipĆ­dico de Ratos Wistar DislipidĆŖmicos”
    • “Efeito do Consumo em Curto Prazo de Diferentes Ɠleos Vegetais sobre o Status de Vitaminas Antioxidantes em Ratos”
  • 2018 XIV Congresso Internacional de NutriĆ§Ć£o Funcional Award:
    • “InfluĆŖncia da Dislipidemia Materna durante a GestaĆ§Ć£o e LactaĆ§Ć£o sobre a FunĆ§Ć£o Intestinal e o Metabolismo LipĆ­dico Materno e da Sua Prole”
  • 2017 II SimpĆ³sio Nordestino em NeurociĆŖncias, NutriĆ§Ć£o e Desenvolvimento Humano Honorable Mention:
    • “Efeito AnsiolĆ­tico de Dois Compostos de Zinco em Ratos Wistar Sadios”
  • 2017 PrĆŖmio Nelson Chaves:
    • “SuplementaĆ§Ć£o de Dois Compostos de Zn e seu Efeito no Controle GlicĆŖmico, LipĆ­dico e Oxidativo em Ratos”
  • 2016 I Congresso Internacional de NutriĆ§Ć£o Funcional e NutrignĆ“mica Honorable Mention:
    • Awarded for oral presentation
  • 2016 I SimpĆ³sio Internacional sobre NutriĆ§Ć£o, Atividade FĆ­sica e SaĆŗde Honorable Mention:
    • Recognized during the symposium
  • 2015 XXIII ENIC Award:
    • “Propriedade PrebiĆ³tica de ResĆ­duos de Frutas Tropicais Avaliada em Ratos Sadios”
  • 2014 ENID – Universidade Federal da ParaĆ­ba (UFPB) Award:
    • IniciaĆ§Ć£o Ć  DocĆŖncia 2014

These awards highlight Dr. Aquino’s exceptional work in areas such as intermittent fasting, nutritional interventions, and the prebiotic properties of tropical fruit residues. šŸ†šŸ”¬

Research Focus šŸŒ±šŸ”¬

Dr. Jailane de Souza Aquino’s research spans a diverse array of topics, showcasing her versatile expertise in nutrition and experimental studies. Her investigations include the antioxidant and lipid-lowering effects of buriti oil, the potential of acerola by-products in mitigating lipid, glucose, and inflammatory changes, and the neurobehavioral and intestinal health effects of extra virgin coconut oil in obesity-induced rats. She explores the impact of intermittent fasting and aerobic exercise on oxidative parameters and muscle damage, as well as the consequences of maternal high-fat diet on the neurobehavioral and inflammatory parameters of adult female rat offspring. Dr. Aquino’s work extends to the anti-obesity effects of non-conventional edible plants like foroba, emphasizing a holistic approach to health and nutrition. šŸŒ±šŸ”¬




Jailane Aquino | Food Security

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