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Assoc Prof Dr Hamdiyah Alhassan: Fisheries 
Director at University for Development Studies, Ghana

Prof. Hamdiyah Alhassan is an accomplished Associate Professor of Economics at the University for Development Studies in Tamale, Ghana. With a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of Ghana, she specializes in energy/resource economics, environmental economics, poverty analysis, agricultural economics, and impact evaluation analysis. As the Director of the Kazuhiko Takeuchi Centre for Sustainability and Resilience, Prof. Alhassan leads in the academic realm, contributing significantly to the fields of environmental and resource economics, economic growth, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her extensive research portfolio includes publications on topics such as environmental valuation, pro-environmental behavior, energy economics, solid waste management, and climate change adaptation.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
🎓 Education:

Ph.D. in Development Studies, University of Ghana, 2013-2017. M.Phil. in Economics, University of Ghana, 2008-2010. PG Diploma in Education, University for Development Studies, 2020-2021. B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (First Class Honours), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2000-2004

📚 Short Courses:

Impact Evaluation and Matchmaking. Evidence and GapMap. J-PAL’s Conducting Experimental Research. Integrated Pest Management. Computable General Equilibrium Modelling. Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition. Measuring and Alleviating Poverty and Inequality. Evaluation of Public Policies (Policy Impact Analysis)

🤝 Membership of Learned Professional Societies:

African Growth and Development Policy Modelling Consortium (AGRODEP). European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics. African Association of Environmental and Resource Economics. Ghana Association of Agricultural Economics (GAAE). University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG)

👩‍💼 Academic Experience:

Director, Kazuhiko Takeuchi Centre for Sustainability and Resilience, UDS (from September 2021). Associate Professor, School of Applied Economics and Management Sciences, UDS (from 2021). Senior Lecturer, School of Applied Economics and Management Sciences, UDS (2020-2021). Foundation Head of Department, Dept. of Marketing and Corporate Strategic Management, UDS (2021). Head of Department, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UDS (2020-2021). Examination Officer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UDS (2017-2020). Senior Lecturer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UDS (2018-2020). Lecturer, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UDS (2011-2018). Tutor (Part-time), University of Ghana, Legon (2011-2012). Tutor (Part-time), Tamale Polytechnic, Tamale (2009-2010)

🎓 Student Research Work Supervision (Postgraduate):
  • Supervised various M.Phil. and M.Ed. students on topics ranging from agricultural economics to climate change and food security.

Prof. Hamdiyah Alhassan is a dedicated academician, researcher, and leader with a passion for sustainable development and environmental economics. Her extensive background in both economics and civil engineering reflects a multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex socio-economic and environmental challenges. As a seasoned educator and administrator, she continues to contribute significantly to the academic and research landscape in Ghana and beyond.


🍇 Research Focus:

Prof. Hamdiyah Alhassan’s research revolves around environmental economics, with a keen interest in sustainable development. She investigates critical issues such as agricultural emissions, energy consumption, and the interplay between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Her work spans diverse topics, including the impact of natural resource extraction on environmental well-being, the nexus between financial development, economic growth, and environmental sustainability in Ghana, and the effects of environmental degradation on agricultural development.

🔍 Prof. Alhassan contributes significantly to understanding the intricate relationships between human activities, economic factors, and environmental health, offering valuable insights for sustainable policy formulation.


Publications Top Notes:🌐🔬
Hamdiyah Alhassan | Fisheries | Best Researcher Award

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