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Dr Jan Otto Andersson |  Ecological Economics | Best Researcher Award

Emeritus at  Åbo Akademi,  Finland

Jan Otto Andersson is a prolific Finnish economist and scholar born in 1953. With a focus on Marxist theories, imperialism, and ecological economics, Andersson has contributed significantly to various fields. He has authored numerous publications, including books, articles, and reviews, addressing topics such as economic democracy, the Nordic welfare state, climate change, and the impact of globalization on world trade.


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👩‍🔬 Research Focus:

Jan Otto Andersson’s research focuses on diverse topics, spanning imperialism, global trade ethics, and the ethical dilemmas in the world economy. 🌐 His work delves into critical examinations of imperialism, tracing Marxist theories, and exploring the impact of power dynamics in global affairs. 📚 Additionally, he contributes to discussions on the challenges and possibilities of a more just world trade system, emphasizing issues of inequality and ethical considerations. 🌍 Andersson is actively engaged in examining the Finnish perspective on universal basic income, collaborating on studies that explore its support in Finland. 💼


Publications Top Notes:
  1. Article: “Idéernas betydelse för vår välfärd”
    • Journal: Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift, 2023, (1), pp. 46–49
  2. Article: “Kapitalism i var tid – skuldexplosion i en överutnyttjad värld”
    • Journal: Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift, 2020, 2020(2), pp. 23–29
  3. Article: “Aktuella böcker: En stor berättelse om den smala frihetskorridoren”
    • Journal: Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift, 2020, 2020(1), pp. 45–47
  4. Book Chapter: “International trade in a full and unequal world”
    • Book: International Trade and Environmental Justice: Toward a Global Political Ecology, 2013, pp. 113–125
  5. Article: “Degrowth | Nedväxt – Behärskad ekonomisk nedtrappning”
    • Journal: Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift, 2012, 65(3), pp. 123–131


Jan Otto Andersson | Ecological Economics | Best Researcher Award

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