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Prof zubaida Yousaf | Plant Taxonomy | Best Researcher Award

Professor at  Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan

Zubaida Yousaf/Wajahat is associated with Lahore College for Women University on Jail Road, Lahore. She has expertise in plant taxonomy, ethnobotany, and molecular systematics. Her research focuses on exploring the bioactive phytochemicals in various plant genera, including Zingiber, Melaleuca, Matricaria, Allium, Tagetes, Taraxacum, Solanum, and Capsicum.


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Zubaida Yousaf/Wajahat, affiliated with Lahore College for Women University, Jail Road Lahore, specializes in plant taxonomy, ethnobotany, and molecular systematics. Her research explores the rich diversity of plant life, emphasizing the genus Zingiber, Echinacea, Melaleuca, Matricaria, Allium, and Tagetes spp. She has contributed significantly to understanding the bioactive phytochemicals of these plants, their traditional uses, and applications in pharmacy. Her work bridges the realms of traditional medicine and biotechnological advancements, highlighting the importance of plant-derived compounds as antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial agents. Additionally, her investigations extend to the chemical characterization and biological activity of essential oils and extracts. 🌱🔬


  • Total Citations: 2400
  • Citations Since 2019: 1868
  • h-index: 24
  • i10-index: 44


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zubaida Yousaf | Plant taxonomy | Best Researcher Award

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