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Assoc Prof Dr Maha Elbana | Soil Physics | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor at  Faculty of Agriculture, Beni-Suef University, Egypt

Maha Elbana is an accomplished academic and researcher in the field of Soil and Water Sciences, hailing from Alexandria, Egypt. With extensive experience both in academia and research, she has made significant contributions to the understanding and management of soil-plant-water relationships.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

👩‍🎓 Education & Training

PhD in Soil and Water Sciences, University of Lleida, Spain. MS in Soil and Water Sciences, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza, Spain. Diploma of Specialized Post Graduate Studies, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza

💼 Work Experience

Associate Professor in Soil Physics & Water Relationships, Beni-Suef University. On-Farm Water Management Specialist, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA). Associate Trainer certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers

🔬 Skills & Training

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic . Proficient in statistical analysis, data interpretation, and research methodologies. Experienced in using software related to soil and water management, GIS, and agricultural simulations

🌱 Research Focus: Soil Physics

Maha Elbana is a dedicated researcher specializing in Soil Physics, with a primary focus on understanding the intricate relationships between soil, water, and plant dynamics. Her work delves into the fundamental principles governing soil structure, hydraulic properties, and their impact on water movement and availability to plants. Through her research, she aims to enhance agricultural practices, optimize water management strategies, and promote sustainable soil health.


  • Total Citations: 383
  • h-index: 8
  • i10-index: 7

Citations (Since 2019):

  • Total Citations: 257
  • h-index: 7
  • i10-index: 6


Publications Top Notes:

  1. Puig-Bargues, J., Arbat, G., Elbana, M., Duran-Ros, M., Barragán, J., et al. (2010). Effect of flushing frequency on emitter clogging in microirrigation with effluents. Agricultural Water Management, 97(6), 883-891. (Citations: 126)
  2. Elbana, M., de Cartagena, F.R., Puig-Bargués, J. (2012). Effectiveness of sand media filters for removing turbidity and recovering dissolved oxygen from a reclaimed effluent used for micro-irrigation. Agricultural Water Management, 111, 27-33. (Citations: 94)
  3. Elbana, T.A., Bakr, N., Elbana, M. (2019). Reuse of treated wastewater in Egypt: challenges and opportunities. In “Unconventional Water Resources and Agriculture in Egypt,” 429-453. (Citations: 66)
  4. Elbana, M., Elbana, T.A., Bakr, N., George, B. (2017). Assessment of Marginal Quality Water for Sustainable Irrigation Management: Case Study of Bahr El-Baqar Area, Egypt. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 228:214. (Citations: 25)
  5. Elbana, M., de Cartagena, F.R., Puig-Bargués, J. (2013). New mathematical model for computing head loss across sand media filter for microirrigation systems. Irrigation Science, 31, 343-349. (Citations: 17)
  6. Rashad, M., Kenawy, E.R., Hosny, A., Hafez, M., Elbana, M. (2021). An environmental friendly superabsorbent composite based on rice husk as soil amendment to improve plant growth and water productivity under deficit irrigation conditions. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 44(7), 1010-1022. (Citations: 15)


Maha Elbana | Soil Physics | Best Researcher Award

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