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Mr Emanuelde Oliveira: Leading Researcher in Agroforestry

 Senior Technician at Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal

🏆🌱 Wow, a heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira! The Best Researcher Award is well-deserved for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture. 🌍 His dedication to making a positive impact is truly inspiring!

Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira is a distinguished researcher in Agroforestry and currently serves as a Senior Technician at the Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal. He recently earned the well-deserved Best Researcher Award for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture, showcasing a deep dedication to positive impact!


📚✨ Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s academic qualifications shine bright:

  • Ph.D. candidate at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in Sustainable Land and Territory Management.
  • Master of Science in Technology-enhanced Forest Fire Fighting Learning from the Polytechnical University of Madrid.
  • Agronomist with a degree from the Higher Agricultural School of Ponte de Lima.
  • Technical Agrarian Engineer, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Ponte de Lima Higher Agrarian School.

Quite the scholarly journey! 🌟👨‍🎓

Professional Profiles:



📊🌳 In Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s professional journey:

  • Studies & Surveys: Diving deep into data for informed decision-making.
  • Project Preparation: Crafting blueprints for planning and managing protected areas, fostering rural development, and promoting vocational training.
  • Sports Charter Stewardship: Steering the Sports Charter Project for the Peneda-Gerês National Park, championing recreational and sporting activities in natural areas.
  • Nature Tourism Education: Sharing expertise as a Trainer in courses organized by ADERE-Peneda Gerês, enriching minds in the realm of Nature Tourism.

A multitasking maestro in the world of conservation and education! 🌿🏞️


Dates Type of organisation Position held:
  • 2014 to Present: Independent Consultant, a trailblazer in the realms of Wildfire Defense and Management.
  • Specializations: Expertise in Research and Studies on Wildfires and Risks, crafting DFCI and Prescribed Fire Plans.
  • Training Maestro: Imparting knowledge in Civil Protection, Forest Wildfire Defense, and the art of Wildfire Extinguishing.

A journey of resilience and knowledge in the fiery landscape! 🔍🚒

  • Technical Expert (2018/2021): Nominated by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for the Independent Technical Observatory, analyzing and evaluating forest and rural fires nationwide.
  • Strategic Analyst (2018): Expert Collaborator in the Decision Support Cell for the Integrated Rural Fire Management System.
  • Accredited Trainer: Recognized by the Portuguese State Forestry Services, contributing to the National Training Pool for Controlled Fire.
  • Lecturer: Sharing insights at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and the Instituto Superior de Gestão e Administração de Santarém on forest fires and extreme fire behavior.
  • Consultant: Collaborating with Flanconorte Portugal and the Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community on Landscape Fire and prescribed fire projects under the LIFE Programme.
  • Technical Responsible: Crafting wildfire defense plans and ensuring preparedness.
  • Seminar Organizer: Hosting International Seminars on Forest Fires (“ALTO MINHO FIRECAMP”) and facilitating Prescribed Burn Training Exchanges (“Alto Minho TREX”) in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

A maestro in the symphony of fire management and education! 🚒🌐

Publications & Contributions:

📚🔥 Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s Literary Contributions:

  1. “The Use of Vegetation Fire in Portugal:” A historical, legislative, and normative exploration.
  2. “Unraveling the Effect of Fire Seasonality on Fire-Preferred Fuel Types and Dynamics in Alto Minho, Portugal (2000–2018):” Delving into the intricate relationship between fire seasonality and preferred fuel types.
  3. “Incident Analysis of Traditional Burns in Portugal:” Examining the nuances of traditional burns and their impact.
  4. “Modern Animal Traction to Enhance the Supply Chain of Residual Biomass:” Innovating in biomass supply chain with a touch of modern animal power.
  5. “Pastoral Burning and Its Contribution to the Fire Regime of Alto Minho, Portugal:” Exploring the role of pastoral burning in shaping the fire regime.

A library of knowledge on fire dynamics, tradition, and innovation! 📖🔥

Emanuel de Oliveira | Agroforestry

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