Mst. Sarmina Yeasmin | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Dr Mst. Sarmina  Yeasmin | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Principal Scientific Officer at  Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bangladesh

Dr. Sarmina Yeasmin, a prominent figure in scientific research, serves as the Principal Scientific Officer at the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) in Rajshahi. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the University of Rajshahi, she specializes in converting agricultural waste into value-added products. Her academic journey includes an impressive track record, including a First Class M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology and a B.Sc. (Honours) from the same institution.


Academic Background:

Ph.D. in Environmental Science, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh (2016). M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh (2005). B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh (2003)

Professional Experiences:

Principal Scientific Officer, BCSIR, Rajshahi (2019 – Present). Senior Scientific Officer, BCSIR, Rajshahi (2011 – 2019). Scientific Officer, BCSIR, Rajshahi (2006 – 2011). Part-time Lecturer, Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Rajshahi (2008 – 2009)

Training & Expertise:

Proficient in operating and maintaining various scientific instruments. Trained in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO), Melbourne, Australia. Specialized in analysis of polymeric products and extraction/purification of oils and plants

Research Focus: Environmental Science

Dr. Mst. Sarmina Yeasmin’s research in environmental science primarily centers around sustainable utilization of agro residue as waste, particularly in the context of food production. Her work includes investigating innovative methods to convert agricultural waste, such as corn waste, into value-added products. Through her expertise in polymer science, materials science, and oils and fats research, Dr. Yeasmin aims to contribute to environmental sustainability by developing strategies for reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency in food and agricultural industries.


Since 2019, Dr. Mst. Sarmina Yeasmin has been cited 630 times, with an h-index of 12 and an i10-index of 14. Overall, her work has garnered a total of 973 citations. These metrics indicate a significant impact in her field, reflecting the recognition and influence of her research contributions within the academic community.

Publications Top Notes 📰

  1. “Preparation of food grade carboxymethyl cellulose from corn husk agrowaste”
    • Authors: MIH Mondal, MS Yeasmin, MS Rahman
    • Published in: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2015
    • Citations: 217
  2. “Synthesis of highly substituted carboxymethyl cellulose depending on cellulose particle size”
    • Authors: MS Yeasmin, MIH Mondal
    • Published in: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2015
    • Citations: 138
  3. “Characteristics of oils and nutrient contents of Nigella sativa Linn. and Trigonella foenum-graecum seeds”
    • Authors: MA Ali, MA Sayeed, MS Alam, MS Yeasmin, AM Khan, II Muhamad
    • Published in: Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, 2012
    • Citations: 98
  4. “Antimicrobial screening of different extracts of Piper longum Linn”
    • Authors: MA Ali, NM Alam, MS Yeasmin, AM Khan, MA Sayeed, VB Rao
    • Published in: Research Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, 2007
    • Citations: 85
  5. “Antimicrobial screening of Cassia fistula and Mesua ferrea”
    • Authors: MA Ali, MA Sayeed, MSA Bhuiyan, FI Sohel, MS Yeasmin
    • Published in: Journal of Medical Sciences, 2004
    • Citations: 67
  6. “Characteristics of seed oils and nutritional compositions of seeds from different varieties of Momordica charantia Linn. cultivated in Bangladesh”
    • Authors: MA Ali, MA Sayeed, MS Reza, MS Yeasmin, AM Khan
    • Published in: Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 2008
    • Citations: 64


Esra Billur Balcioglu ILhan | Pollution Assessment | Women Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr Esra Billur Balcioglu ILhan |  Pollution Assessment | Women Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr at  Istanbul University, Turkey

Esra Billur Balcıoğlu İlhan is an Assistant Professor at the Chemical Oceanography Department of the Institute of Marine Sciences, Istanbul University, Turkey. She holds a PhD in Marine Biology from Istanbul University, with her doctoral research focusing on the determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mussels from various regions of the Marmara Sea. Prior to her PhD, she earned an MSc in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, both from Istanbul University and Ondokuz Mayıs University respectively.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

  • PhD in Marine Biology, Istanbul University
  • MSc in Environmental Engineering, Istanbul University
  • Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering, Ondokuz Mayıs University

💼 Work Experience:

  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Oceanography Department, Istanbul University
  • Specialist, Marine Biology Department, Istanbul University

🏆 Awards:

  • 3rd Best Poster Presentation, XIV. Social Psychiatry Congress
  • 1st Best Oral Presentation, Turkish-Japan Marine Forum

💼 Experiences:

  • Extensive fieldwork including research voyages and pollution monitoring studies

💻 Skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and specialized software
  • Fluent in Turkish and English, basic knowledge of German


🔬 Research Focus:

Dr. Esra Billur Balcıoğlu İlhan’s research primarily focuses on 🌊 marine pollution and environmental contamination. Through her studies, she investigates the occurrence, distribution, and potential impacts of various pollutants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pharmaceuticals, and potentially toxic elements, in aquatic ecosystems including the 🌊Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. She assesses the sources, seasonal variations, and ecological risks associated with these pollutants, aiming to contribute to the understanding and mitigation of environmental threats to 🐟marine life and human health. Her research endeavors align with her commitment to preserving and safeguarding 🌍marine environments for future generations.


Publications Top Notes

  • Risk assessment and pollution loads of potentially toxic elements in water of four rivers flowing into the Mediterranean Sea

Marta Ezquerro | Forest Management | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr Marta Ezquerro | Forest Management | Best Researcher Award

Postdoc at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Dr. Marta Ezquerro García is a dedicated and accomplished Forestry Engineer with a strong background in research and academia. Born on October 15, 1985, in Spain, she has consistently demonstrated her passion for forestry and environmental conservation throughout her academic and professional journey.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

👩‍🎓 Educational Journey:

  • Ph.D. in Advanced Forestry Research, UPM, 2019
  • Forestry Engineer, UPM, 2011

Professional Journey:

  • Postdoctoral researcher (Margarita Salas) under Unión Europea – NextGenerationEU at Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA) (2022-2023) and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) (2024).
  • Engaged in research groups like Economy and sustainability of the natural environment (ECSEN) and Spanish Multicriteria Decision Group (GEDM).
  • Involved in the international SUFORUN project, conducting a three-month research stay at the University of Chile in 2019.

📚 Academic Contributions:

  • Published in reputable journals like Forest Ecology and Management and Sustainability.
  • Awarded the mention for the best Doctoral Thesis by Rafael Dal-Ré TRAGSA Chair.
  • Actively involved in teaching with 106 hours of lectures at UPM

👩‍🔬 Research Focus:

Dr. Marta Ezquerro García’s research focus centers on sustainable forest management strategies. 🌲 Her work, such as “Implications of forest management on the conservation of protected areas” (2023) and “Integrating variable retention systems into strategic forest management” (2019), explores innovative approaches to balance biodiversity conservation and strategic forestry decisions. 🌳🤝 With expertise in multi-criteria decision-making and operational research techniques, she strives to address complex challenges in forest ecology and management. 🌐 Dr. Ezquerro’s contributions, acknowledged through citations, underscore her commitment to advancing environmentally conscious practices in forestry. 📈🌿


Dr. Marta Ezquerro García has an impressive citation record with 117 citations from 96 documents, showcasing the impact of her research. 📈 The h-index, a measure of both productivity and citation impact, stands at 8. This indicates that there are 8 documents that have each been cited at least 8 times. 📚

With 8 impactful documents and a substantial number of citations, Dr. Ezquerro’s research has made a significant contribution to her field. 🌐👩‍🔬


Publications Top Notes:


Ajith J Kings | Water Management | Excellence in Research

Dr Ajith J Kings | Water Management | Excellence in Research

Associate Professor at  St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, India

Dr. Ajith J. Kings is an accomplished academician and researcher with a strong background in Mechanical Engineering. Currently serving as an Associate Professor at St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, he brings over 16 years of teaching experience, contributing significantly to the field of education. His commitment to excellence is evident through his career objective, aiming to blend creativity with technical proficiency in a conducive environment.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Anna University (2017)
  • M.E. in Computer Aided Design, Sathayabama University, Chennai (2006)
  • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Jayamatha Engineering College, Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University (2004)
  • DME, NMS Kamaraj Polytechnic (1999)
  • HSC, Babuji Memorial Hr. Sec. School (1996)
  • SSLC, Francis Xavier High School (1994)

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience:

  • Associate Professor at St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering (since 01-08-2023)
  • Assistant Professor at St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering (02-07-2007 to present)
  • Lecturer at Udaya School of Engineering, Vellamodi (01-08-2006 to 30-06-2007)

📚 Academic Achievements:

  • Conducted a national level technical E-Quiz on “Biofuels” with over 800 participants.
  • Awarded Certificate of Mentorship at KPIT SPARKLE 2020 for the project “Hydrogen production from microalgae.”

🏆 Projects Applied and Awards:

  • Applied for funded projects in areas like Algal Biofuels and Power systems with renewable integration.
  • Won the most popular project award for “Hydrogen production from microalgae” at KPIT SPARKLE 2020.

👩‍🔬 Research Focus:

Dr. Ajith J. Kings is a distinguished researcher specializing in the field of sustainable energy, particularly biodiesel production from microalgae. His groundbreaking work includes the cultivation and optimization of biodiesel from microalgae Euglena sanguinea, employing eco-friendly catalysts. Additionally, he has identified and characterized a novel biodiesel-producing halophilic Aphanothece halophytica. Dr. Kings’ research extends to the growth studies of microalgae in eco-friendly composite media for optimized lipid productivity. His contributions also encompass enhanced FAME production using green catalysts from isolated halophilic strains. In 2021, he explored algal oil extraction and biodiesel conversion in a novel batch reactor, assessing compatibility in IC engines at various compression ratios. 🌱🔬 #SustainableEnergy #BiodieselResearch


  • Citations: 144 citations from 113 documents.
  • Documents: The author has a total of 11 documents, which could include research papers, articles, or other scholarly works.
  • h-index: The h-index is 6, indicating that the author has 6 documents that have been cited at least 6 times each.

Publications Top Notes:

1. “Synthesis of Biodiesel from Delonix regia” (2024)

  • A groundbreaking study on biodiesel synthesis from Delonix regia using a novel bamboo stem biocatalyst.
  • Authors: Monisha Miriam, A.J. Kings, R. Edwin Raj, et al.
  • Published in Industrial Crops and Products.

2. “Lipid Extraction from Microalgae Aphanothece halophytica” (2023)

  • Process optimization of lipid extraction from Aphanothece halophytica in wet and dry conditions.
  • Authors: Monisha Miriam, A.J. Kings, R.E. Raj, K.P. Shyam, M. Adhi Viswanathan.
  • Published in Bioenergy Research.

3. “Sustainable Biodiesel Production” (2023)

  • Investigation on sustainable biodiesel production using CaO-TiO2 nano-catalyst from various plants.
  • Authors: Sujin P., P.M. Diaz, A.J. Kings, L.R.M. Miriam.
  • Published in Energy and Environment.

4. “Enhanced Biodiesel Production from Mixed Waste Cooking Oil” (2023)

  • Utilizing magnetic nanocatalyst CrFe2O4 for enhanced biodiesel production from mixed waste cooking oil.
  • Authors: Arul Jerman, Julyes Jaisingh, A.J. Kings, R.S. Rimal Isaac.
  • Published in Energy and Environment (Article in Press).

5. “Comparative Study of Biodiesel Synthesis” (2022)

  • RSM-based comparative experimental study on sustainable biodiesel synthesis from different 2G feedstocks.
  • Authors: Saravanan A., A.J. Kings, L.R.M. Miriam, R.S.R. Isaac.
  • Published in Environment, Development and Sustainability (Article in Press).

6. “Exopolysaccharide Production by Marine Enterobacter cloacae” (2021)

  • Investigation on exopolysaccharide production by marine Enterobacter cloacae MBB8 and its antioxidant potential.
  • Authors: Prakash Shyam K., P. Rajkumar, V. Ramya, A.J. Kings, L.R.M. Miriam, et al.
  • Published in Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications (Open Access).

👨‍🔬 Dr. Ajith J. Kings’ research portfolio showcases a commitment to sustainable energy solutions and innovative biodiesel production techniques, earning significant citations in the scientific community.


Mamoun Gharaibeh | Soil Science | Best Researcher Award

Prof Mamoun Gharaibeh | Soil Science | Best Researcher Award

Chairman at Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan

Dr. Mamoun Gharaibeh is a distinguished Professor of Soil, Water & Environmental Science, specializing in Land and Water management. Born on February 14, 1969, he has a robust academic background, earning his BSc in Soil & Irrigation from the University of Baghdad in 1991, followed by an MS and a PhD in Soil, Water & Environmental Science from the University of Arizona, USA, in 1996 and 2000, respectively.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

PhD in Soil, Water & Environmental Science, University of Arizona, USA (2000). MS in Soil, Water & Environmental Science, University of Arizona, USA (1996). BSc in Soil & Irrigation, University of Baghdad, Iraq (1991)

🏢 Employment:

Chairman, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science & Technology (2021-current). Chairman, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science & Technology (2013-2018). Assistant Dean of Scientific Research, Jordan University of Science & Technology (2007-2008). Faculty Member, Jordan University of Science & Technology (2000-current)

🌐 Research Experience:

Faculty member, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science & Technology (2000-current). Visiting Scientist, Department of Soil Science/Soil Ecology, Institute of Geography, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany (2018, 2012). Visiting Researcher, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany (2002). Researcher, Sonora Environmental Research Institute (SERI), Tucson, Arizona, USA (1999-2000)


Research Focus 🌱🔬:

🌱 Dr. Mamoun A. Gharaibeh’s Research Focus 🌍 Dr. Mamoun A. Gharaibeh is a distinguished researcher specializing in the interdisciplinary field of soil, water, and environmental science. His extensive work encompasses diverse areas such as: 🏞️ Soil Erosion in Iraq: Investigating the causes and presenting case studies to address the soil erosion catastrophe in Iraq. 🌿 Olive Mill Wastewater: Characterizing olive mill wastewater in different climatic zones in the North of Jordan. 💧 Hydraulic Conductivity Prediction: Using artificial neural networks to optimize predictions of saturated hydraulic conductivity in arid and semi-arid regions. 🔄 Irrigation Impact Assessment: Assessing the effects of irrigation with treated wastewater on soil properties and infiltration models’ performance. 🌾 Agricultural Practices: Studying the impact of hydrogel on corn growth, water use efficiency, and soil properties in semi-arid regions. 🌱 Biochar Utilization: Exploring the potential use of biochar as an amendment to improve soil fertility and crop growth under arid conditions. 🔥 Bioenergy Production: Investigating the effect of pyrolysis temperature and biomass particle size on the heating value of biocoal. 🔄 Biochar Modification: Modifying biochar from olive oil processing waste to enhance phenol removal from synthetic and olive mill wastewater. 🌐 Soil Salinity Estimation: Developing methods to estimate exchangeable sodium percentage and saturated paste electrical conductivity in salt-affected soils. Dr. Gharaibeh’s research contributions showcase a commitment to sustainable agriculture, water resource management, and environmental conservation.


Dr. Mamoun A. Gharaibeh’s scholarly impact, as reflected in citation metrics:

📚 Citations:

  • Total Citations: 1,145
  • Citations Since 2019: 772

📊 h-index:

  • h-index: 19 (reflecting 19 publications with at least 19 citations each)
  • h-index Since 2019: 15

🔍 i10-index:

  • i10-index: 29 (indicating the number of publications with at least 10 citations)
  • i10-index Since 2019: 27

These metrics underscore the substantial influence of Dr. Gharaibeh’s work in the academic community, with a noteworthy number of citations and a consistent impact over recent years.


Publications Top Notes:


Sisira Ediriweera | Ecosystem Services | Excellence in Research

Prof Sisira Ediriweera: Ecosystem Services
Professor at Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka

Dr. Ediriweera P. S. Kumara is a distinguished forestry and environmental science professor based in Sri Lanka. Born on April 8, 1975, he holds a Ph.D. in Biophysical Remote Sensing from Southern Cross University, Australia, with a focus on predicting forest structure and biomass using remote sensing techniques in complex landscapes. His educational journey includes an M.Phil. in Tropical Forest Ecology from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and a BSc in Biological Sciences from the same institution. Dr. Kumara’s international diploma in Plant Conservation was earned at Kew Botanic Gardens, UK.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓
🎓 Education:
  • Ph.D. in Biophysical Remote Sensing from Southern Cross University, Australia (2013).
  • M.Phil. in Tropical Forest Ecology from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka (2004).
  • International Diploma in Plant Conservation from Kew Botanic Gardens, UK (2005).
  • BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka (1999).
🏫 Professional Experience:

Currently serving as a Professor in Forestry & Environmental Science at Uva Wellassa University. Holds various roles, including Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, and Research Assistant from 2000 to date.

🏆 Honors & Awards:

Received multiple Presidential Research Awards/NRC Merit Awards for Research. Recognized with SUSRED Awards and various travel grants for international workshops.

🎉 Personal Achievements:
  • Awarded Best Presentation (Gold Medal) at Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka, in 2006.
  • Holds prestigious international scholarships like the Kew Scholarship and IPRS in Australia.

Dr. Ediriweera P. S. Kumara’s dedication to forestry research and environmental conservation has earned him both national and international recognition. His work continues to shape the future of sustainable forest management. 🌲🌍

Research Focus 🌱🔍

Dr. Ediriweera P. S. Kumara is a distinguished forestry professor with a primary research focus on forest structure and dynamics. His work spans diverse topics, from the intricate relationships in mycorrhizal networks 🍄 to predicting stem diameter increments in Sinharaja rainforest 🌳. Notably, his contributions extend to the conservation of threatened tree species and the exploration of new orchid species in Sri Lanka’s montane cloud forest 🌺. As the last author in numerous publications, he signifies senior authorship, guiding graduate students and researchers in unraveling the complexities of global forest ecosystems. Explore his research journey on his Google Scholar page.


Publications Top Notes:🌐🔬

Emanuel de Oliveira | Agroforestry

Mr Emanuelde Oliveira: Leading Researcher in Agroforestry

 Senior Technician at Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal

🏆🌱 Wow, a heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira! The Best Researcher Award is well-deserved for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture. 🌍 His dedication to making a positive impact is truly inspiring!

Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira is a distinguished researcher in Agroforestry and currently serves as a Senior Technician at the Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal. He recently earned the well-deserved Best Researcher Award for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture, showcasing a deep dedication to positive impact!


📚✨ Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s academic qualifications shine bright:

  • Ph.D. candidate at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in Sustainable Land and Territory Management.
  • Master of Science in Technology-enhanced Forest Fire Fighting Learning from the Polytechnical University of Madrid.
  • Agronomist with a degree from the Higher Agricultural School of Ponte de Lima.
  • Technical Agrarian Engineer, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Ponte de Lima Higher Agrarian School.

Quite the scholarly journey! 🌟👨‍🎓

Professional Profiles:



📊🌳 In Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s professional journey:

  • Studies & Surveys: Diving deep into data for informed decision-making.
  • Project Preparation: Crafting blueprints for planning and managing protected areas, fostering rural development, and promoting vocational training.
  • Sports Charter Stewardship: Steering the Sports Charter Project for the Peneda-Gerês National Park, championing recreational and sporting activities in natural areas.
  • Nature Tourism Education: Sharing expertise as a Trainer in courses organized by ADERE-Peneda Gerês, enriching minds in the realm of Nature Tourism.

A multitasking maestro in the world of conservation and education! 🌿🏞️


Dates Type of organisation Position held:
  • 2014 to Present: Independent Consultant, a trailblazer in the realms of Wildfire Defense and Management.
  • Specializations: Expertise in Research and Studies on Wildfires and Risks, crafting DFCI and Prescribed Fire Plans.
  • Training Maestro: Imparting knowledge in Civil Protection, Forest Wildfire Defense, and the art of Wildfire Extinguishing.

A journey of resilience and knowledge in the fiery landscape! 🔍🚒

  • Technical Expert (2018/2021): Nominated by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for the Independent Technical Observatory, analyzing and evaluating forest and rural fires nationwide.
  • Strategic Analyst (2018): Expert Collaborator in the Decision Support Cell for the Integrated Rural Fire Management System.
  • Accredited Trainer: Recognized by the Portuguese State Forestry Services, contributing to the National Training Pool for Controlled Fire.
  • Lecturer: Sharing insights at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and the Instituto Superior de Gestão e Administração de Santarém on forest fires and extreme fire behavior.
  • Consultant: Collaborating with Flanconorte Portugal and the Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community on Landscape Fire and prescribed fire projects under the LIFE Programme.
  • Technical Responsible: Crafting wildfire defense plans and ensuring preparedness.
  • Seminar Organizer: Hosting International Seminars on Forest Fires (“ALTO MINHO FIRECAMP”) and facilitating Prescribed Burn Training Exchanges (“Alto Minho TREX”) in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

A maestro in the symphony of fire management and education! 🚒🌐

Publications & Contributions:

📚🔥 Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s Literary Contributions:

  1. “The Use of Vegetation Fire in Portugal:” A historical, legislative, and normative exploration.
  2. “Unraveling the Effect of Fire Seasonality on Fire-Preferred Fuel Types and Dynamics in Alto Minho, Portugal (2000–2018):” Delving into the intricate relationship between fire seasonality and preferred fuel types.
  3. “Incident Analysis of Traditional Burns in Portugal:” Examining the nuances of traditional burns and their impact.
  4. “Modern Animal Traction to Enhance the Supply Chain of Residual Biomass:” Innovating in biomass supply chain with a touch of modern animal power.
  5. “Pastoral Burning and Its Contribution to the Fire Regime of Alto Minho, Portugal:” Exploring the role of pastoral burning in shaping the fire regime.

A library of knowledge on fire dynamics, tradition, and innovation! 📖🔥