Tizita Endale Elcho | Soil Degradation | Best Researcher Award

Dr Tizita Endale Elcho |  Soil Degradation |  Best Researcher Award

Dr. Tizita Endale is a seasoned researcher and educator specializing in land degradation, soil quality, and erosion. With over a decade of experience, she has contributed significantly to these fields through her extensive research, publications, and teaching roles.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Educational Background:

PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven and Gent University, Belgium. MSc in Soil Science from Haramaya University, Ethiopia. BSc in Natural Resource Management from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

👩‍🔬 Employment History:

Soil and Water Conservation Expert at Gamo Gofa Zone Agriculture and Rural Development Office. Research Fellowship Program in Rome, Italy. Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator at the College of Agricultural Sciences, Arba Minch University.

🔬 Research Focus: Soil Degradation

Dr. Endale’s primary focus lies in understanding soil degradation processes, particularly in agricultural fields along elevation gradients in the Southern Ethiopian Rift. Her research explores the impacts of environmental factors on soil health and degradation, aiming to develop sustainable land management strategies.


Publications Top Notes:

  1. Applicability of visual and analytical soil quality indicators in environmentally diverse catchments of the Ethiopian Rift
    • Authors: Endale, T., Diels, J., Tsegaye, D., Belayneh, L., Verdoodt, A.
    • Journal: Soil and Tillage Research, 2024, 240, 106072
  2. Life cycle of gullies: a susceptibility assessment in the Southern Main Ethiopian Rift
    • Authors: Belayneh, L., Kervyn, M., Gulie, G., Sekajugo, J., Dewitte, O.
    • Journal: Natural Hazards, 2024, 120(3), pp. 3067–3104
  3. Farmer-science-based soil degradation metrics guide prioritization of catchment-tailored control measures
    • Authors: Endale, T., Diels, J., Tsegaye, D., Belayneh, L., Verdoodt, A.
    • Journal: Environmental Development, 2023, 45, 100783
  4. Temporal and spatial variability of suspended sediment rating curves for rivers draining into the Ethiopian Rift Valley
    • Authors: Tilahun, A.K., Verstraeten, G., Chen, M., Belayneh, L., Endale, T.
    • Journal: Land Degradation and Development, 2023, 34(2), pp. 478–492
  5. Landslides and Gullies Interact as Sources of Lake Sediments in a Rifting Context: Insights from a Highly Degraded Mountain Environment
    • Authors: Belayneh, L., Dewitte, O., Gulie, G., Endale, T., Kervyn, M.
    • Journal: Geosciences (Switzerland), 2022, 12(7), 274

Jiaguo Qi | Land use | SustainableAg Leadership Award

Prof Jiaguo Qi: Land use | SustainableAg Leadership Award

Professor at  Michigan State University, United States

Jiaguo Qi is a distinguished professor and director based at Michigan State University, specializing in global change research. With an academic journey starting from Harbin Teacher’s Normal University in China to earning his Ph.D. in Soil and Water Science from the University of Arizona, Qi has become a prominent figure in the field.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓Education :

Jiaguo Qi earned his Ph.D. in Soil and Water Sciences from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, USA, completing his studies from August 15, 1989, to May 15, 1993. 🎓

Honors and Awards:

Jiaguo Qi has received numerous honors and awards for his outstanding contributions:

  • 🏆 2017: Honorary Professor at Kazakhstan National Agrarian University, recognizing his efforts in promoting research and education between the National Agrarian University and US institutions.
  • 🎓 2011: Title of Pao Yu-Kong Chair Professor for Scholarship and Outstanding Achievements. This accolade acknowledges his role in fostering international collaborations between Michigan State University and Zhejiang University, China. Initiatives include exchange programs, summer student programs, and joint-faculty positions.
  • 🌿 2009: Certificate of Recognition on Monsoon Asia Tropical Forest Carbon Dynamics and Sustainability from the Mekong Institute in Khon Khaen, Thailand.
  • 🌍 2001: USDA Group Honor Award for Excellence in the Semi-arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere Team. This recognizes his leadership in providing crucial hydro-ecological information and tools for sustaining semi-arid natural resources.
  • 🌏 2000: Wang Kuangcheng Foundation Travel Award in Hong Kong, acknowledging his efforts to initiate research collaboration between Michigan State University and the Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
  • 🤝 2000: Certificate of Appreciation from the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority of the Philippines for his participation in the Southeast Asia Regional Workshop on Land Cover and Land Use Changes in Antipolo City.
  • 🌐 1997: USDA-Certificate of Merit for designing and coordinating the 1997 campaign for the investigation of microwave remote sensing and a combined remote sensing/modeling approach.
  • 🚜 1995: USDA Certificate of Appreciation for the MADMAC experiment, recognizing his contributions to a season-long experiment testing the feasibility of remote sensing for precision agriculture on an operational basis.

🏆 Professional Membership and Service:

Jiaguo Qi is actively involved in various professional memberships: Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 🔬 Member of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement in Science) 🌐 Member of AGU (American Geophysical Union)  🗺️ Member of AAG (Association of American Geographers) These affiliations reflect his commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in technology, science, geophysics, and geography. 🌟

🌐 Research Interests & Activities:

Dr. Jiaguo Qi’s research journey is a fascinating exploration of diverse topics within global change: 🌍 His primary focus is on global change issues, delving into the intricate relationships between land, water, climate, and society. 🛰️ Expert in process-based models, he leverages geospatial technologies and both in-situ and remote observations to enhance understanding. 📊 His research spans remote sensing, geospatial technologies, environmental monitoring, assessment, and modeling. 🏞️ Specializes in studying land use and land cover dynamics, crucial for sustainable resource management. 💻 Actively involved in developing decision support systems for agriculture and rangeland management. 🌐 Over two decades, he has pioneered the creation of geospatial modeling tools for effective land management. 🌦️ Enhanced climate modeling using satellite-based biophysical data to contribute to climate science. 🔄 Integrated land use information into biogeochemical models for a holistic understanding. 🌱 Applied geospatial technologies for ecological assessment, ensuring a comprehensive approach to environmental studies. 💡 Recent work involves optimizing the WEF (water-energy-food) nexus framework for sustainable development in developing countries across Asia, Africa, and South America. 📚 Dr. Qi boasts an extensive publication record, with over 264 refereed journal articles, showcasing his impactful contributions to the field. 📈 His notable Google Scholar citations, with an h-index of 71 and an i10-index of 193, highlight the significance and influence of his research. Dr. Jiaguo Qi’s dedication to advancing knowledge in global change and sustainability is evident through his multifaceted and impactful research portfolio. 🌱✨

Research Focus 🌱🔬:

Jiaguo Qi’s research spans diverse categories, emphasizing the intricate relationships between land, water, and climate. 🌍 His work includes assessing land use policy impacts on effective farmland planting areas in Heilongjiang Province, China, and mapping potential soil water erosion and flood hazard zones in the Yarlung Tsangpo River Basin. 🗺️ Additionally, he explores the spatial patterns of environmental consequences of dams in watersheds and evaluates the performance of multiple models for estimating rodent activity intensity in alpine grasslands. 🏞️ His research extends to urban land-use classification using machine learning and assessing the spatiotemporal impact of water conservation on the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau. 💡


Jiaguo Qi has garnered significant recognition in the academic community:

  • Total Citations: 18,747
  • h-index: 71
  • i10-index: 197

These metrics underscore the substantial impact and influence of his scholarly contributions, reflecting widespread citation and recognition since 2019. 📚🌟


Publications Top Notes:


Emanuel de Oliveira | Agroforestry

Mr Emanuelde Oliveira: Leading Researcher in Agroforestry

 Senior Technician at Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal

🏆🌱 Wow, a heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira! The Best Researcher Award is well-deserved for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture. 🌍 His dedication to making a positive impact is truly inspiring!

Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira is a distinguished researcher in Agroforestry and currently serves as a Senior Technician at the Municipality of Paredes de Coura, Portugal. He recently earned the well-deserved Best Researcher Award for his groundbreaking work in renewable energy and agriculture, showcasing a deep dedication to positive impact!


📚✨ Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s academic qualifications shine bright:

  • Ph.D. candidate at the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in Sustainable Land and Territory Management.
  • Master of Science in Technology-enhanced Forest Fire Fighting Learning from the Polytechnical University of Madrid.
  • Agronomist with a degree from the Higher Agricultural School of Ponte de Lima.
  • Technical Agrarian Engineer, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Ponte de Lima Higher Agrarian School.

Quite the scholarly journey! 🌟👨‍🎓

Professional Profiles:



📊🌳 In Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s professional journey:

  • Studies & Surveys: Diving deep into data for informed decision-making.
  • Project Preparation: Crafting blueprints for planning and managing protected areas, fostering rural development, and promoting vocational training.
  • Sports Charter Stewardship: Steering the Sports Charter Project for the Peneda-Gerês National Park, championing recreational and sporting activities in natural areas.
  • Nature Tourism Education: Sharing expertise as a Trainer in courses organized by ADERE-Peneda Gerês, enriching minds in the realm of Nature Tourism.

A multitasking maestro in the world of conservation and education! 🌿🏞️


Dates Type of organisation Position held:
  • 2014 to Present: Independent Consultant, a trailblazer in the realms of Wildfire Defense and Management.
  • Specializations: Expertise in Research and Studies on Wildfires and Risks, crafting DFCI and Prescribed Fire Plans.
  • Training Maestro: Imparting knowledge in Civil Protection, Forest Wildfire Defense, and the art of Wildfire Extinguishing.

A journey of resilience and knowledge in the fiery landscape! 🔍🚒

  • Technical Expert (2018/2021): Nominated by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic for the Independent Technical Observatory, analyzing and evaluating forest and rural fires nationwide.
  • Strategic Analyst (2018): Expert Collaborator in the Decision Support Cell for the Integrated Rural Fire Management System.
  • Accredited Trainer: Recognized by the Portuguese State Forestry Services, contributing to the National Training Pool for Controlled Fire.
  • Lecturer: Sharing insights at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and the Instituto Superior de Gestão e Administração de Santarém on forest fires and extreme fire behavior.
  • Consultant: Collaborating with Flanconorte Portugal and the Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community on Landscape Fire and prescribed fire projects under the LIFE Programme.
  • Technical Responsible: Crafting wildfire defense plans and ensuring preparedness.
  • Seminar Organizer: Hosting International Seminars on Forest Fires (“ALTO MINHO FIRECAMP”) and facilitating Prescribed Burn Training Exchanges (“Alto Minho TREX”) in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy.

A maestro in the symphony of fire management and education! 🚒🌐

Publications & Contributions:

📚🔥 Mr. Emanuel de Oliveira’s Literary Contributions:

  1. “The Use of Vegetation Fire in Portugal:” A historical, legislative, and normative exploration.
  2. “Unraveling the Effect of Fire Seasonality on Fire-Preferred Fuel Types and Dynamics in Alto Minho, Portugal (2000–2018):” Delving into the intricate relationship between fire seasonality and preferred fuel types.
  3. “Incident Analysis of Traditional Burns in Portugal:” Examining the nuances of traditional burns and their impact.
  4. “Modern Animal Traction to Enhance the Supply Chain of Residual Biomass:” Innovating in biomass supply chain with a touch of modern animal power.
  5. “Pastoral Burning and Its Contribution to the Fire Regime of Alto Minho, Portugal:” Exploring the role of pastoral burning in shaping the fire regime.

A library of knowledge on fire dynamics, tradition, and innovation! 📖🔥