Tizita Endale Elcho | Soil Degradation | Best Researcher Award

Dr Tizita Endale Elcho |  Soil Degradation |  Best Researcher Award

Dr. Tizita Endale is a seasoned researcher and educator specializing in land degradation, soil quality, and erosion. With over a decade of experience, she has contributed significantly to these fields through her extensive research, publications, and teaching roles.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Educational Background:

PhD in Bioscience Engineering from KU Leuven and Gent University, Belgium. MSc in Soil Science from Haramaya University, Ethiopia. BSc in Natural Resource Management from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

👩‍🔬 Employment History:

Soil and Water Conservation Expert at Gamo Gofa Zone Agriculture and Rural Development Office. Research Fellowship Program in Rome, Italy. Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator at the College of Agricultural Sciences, Arba Minch University.

🔬 Research Focus: Soil Degradation

Dr. Endale’s primary focus lies in understanding soil degradation processes, particularly in agricultural fields along elevation gradients in the Southern Ethiopian Rift. Her research explores the impacts of environmental factors on soil health and degradation, aiming to develop sustainable land management strategies.


Publications Top Notes:

  1. Applicability of visual and analytical soil quality indicators in environmentally diverse catchments of the Ethiopian Rift
    • Authors: Endale, T., Diels, J., Tsegaye, D., Belayneh, L., Verdoodt, A.
    • Journal: Soil and Tillage Research, 2024, 240, 106072
  2. Life cycle of gullies: a susceptibility assessment in the Southern Main Ethiopian Rift
    • Authors: Belayneh, L., Kervyn, M., Gulie, G., Sekajugo, J., Dewitte, O.
    • Journal: Natural Hazards, 2024, 120(3), pp. 3067–3104
  3. Farmer-science-based soil degradation metrics guide prioritization of catchment-tailored control measures
    • Authors: Endale, T., Diels, J., Tsegaye, D., Belayneh, L., Verdoodt, A.
    • Journal: Environmental Development, 2023, 45, 100783
  4. Temporal and spatial variability of suspended sediment rating curves for rivers draining into the Ethiopian Rift Valley
    • Authors: Tilahun, A.K., Verstraeten, G., Chen, M., Belayneh, L., Endale, T.
    • Journal: Land Degradation and Development, 2023, 34(2), pp. 478–492
  5. Landslides and Gullies Interact as Sources of Lake Sediments in a Rifting Context: Insights from a Highly Degraded Mountain Environment
    • Authors: Belayneh, L., Dewitte, O., Gulie, G., Endale, T., Kervyn, M.
    • Journal: Geosciences (Switzerland), 2022, 12(7), 274