Dipendra Mahato | Food Processing | Best Researcher Award

Dr Dipendra Mahato | Food Processing | Best Researcher Award

Sessional Academician at  Deakin University, Australia

Dipendra Kumar Mahato, PhD, is a food scientist specializing in Food Science & Technology. He completed his doctoral studies at Deakin University, Australia, focusing on consumer behavior and shelf-life aspects of reduced-sugar chocolate-flavored milk. Dipendra earned his M.Sc. in Food Science & Technology from Banaras Hindu University, India, where he achieved the status of a gold medalist.


Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

Educational Background 🎓:

  • Ph.D. in Food Science & Technology, Deakin University, Australia (2018-2022)
  • M.Sc. in Food Science & Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India (2012-2014) – Gold Medalist
  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology, CCS University, India (2008-2011)

Professional Journey 👨‍🔬:

  • Project Assistant at IIT Kharagpur, India, working on “Engineered Health Rice” (2016-2017)
  • Senior Research Fellow at IARI, New-Delhi, India, on “Polymeric nano-materials for packaging” (2014-2016)
  • Scientist ‘B’ at Food Analysis and Research Laboratory, India (2014)
  • Editorial Assistant at Aptara Corp (Publication House), New-Delhi, India (2011)


Research Focus 📝:

Dr. Mahato’s research contributions span a wide array of topics within food science. Notable work includes:

  • Investigation of polyhydroxyalkanoates copolymers from dairy processing waste.
  • Effect of spice incorporation on sensory and physicochemical properties of matcha-based hard candy.
  • Physicochemical properties and microbial safety of reduced-sugar chocolate-flavored milk.
  • Identifying ideal product composition of chocolate-flavored milk using preference mapping.



The citation metrics provided indicate the academic impact and influence of Dr. Dipendra Kumar Mahato since 2019. Here’s a breakdown of the key metrics:


  • All-time Citations: 3281
  • Citations since 2019: 3171

These numbers reflect the total and recent citations of Dr. Mahato’s work, demonstrating a consistent and substantial impact on the academic community.


  • Overall h-index: 22
  • h-index since 2019: 22

The h-index is a measure that combines both the productivity and impact of a researcher’s publications. In this case, Dr. Mahato’s h-index of 22 indicates that he has 22 papers that have each been cited at least 22 times.


  • Overall i10-index: 36
  • i10-index since 2019: 36

The i10-index is another measure of the impact of a researcher’s work, considering the number of publications with at least 10 citations. Dr. Mahato’s i10-index of 36 suggests that he has 36 publications with at least 10 citations each.

These metrics collectively suggest that Dr. Dipendra Kumar Mahato has made significant contributions to his field of research, with a notable impact on the scholarly community, both historically and in recent years.

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Snehal Jadhav | Functional food | Best Researcher Award

Ms Snehal Jadhav: Functional food | Best Researcher Award

Research Scholar at  Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam, Tamil nadu, India

Snehal Mahesh Jadhav is a dedicated Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Food Technology at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu. She holds a Ph.D. in Food Technology from Anna University, Chennai, and is set to complete it in January 2024. Snehal has an impressive academic background with an M.Tech in Food Technology and a B.Tech in Food Technology, both from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She also holds a Diploma in Food Technology from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Education:

Ph.D. (Food Technology) – Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. M.Tech (Food Technology) – Shivaji University, Kolhapur. B.Tech (Food Technology) – Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Diploma (Food Technology) – SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

🔍 Work Experience:

Research Associate at ICAR-CCRI, Nagpur (2017-2018). Nutritional analysis of citrus fruits, Formulation of pomelo candy, Pectin isolation from citrus peel. Project Assistant at BIT, Tamil Nadu (2019) Enhanced shelf life of instant coffee extract, Preservative-free extract development

📄 Achievements:

  • 3rd prize for paper on “Extraction of raw soursop fruit” at International conference
  • 2nd prize for paper on “Formulation and evaluation of herbal syrup” at Nutrizion’18

🔬 Ph.D. Research:

Bioprospecting of Annona muricata, Drying process impact on leaves and fruits, Extraction and purification of bioactives, Characterization using FTIR, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, FE-SEM, TGA, and DSC, In-vitro cell line studies on breast cancer cells


Research Focus 🌱🔬:

Dr. Snehal Mahesh Jadhav is a dedicated researcher with a focus on phytochemical studies and mass transfer phenomena in fruits. Her expertise lies in exploring the impact of drying temperatures on raw soursop fruit and ripen graviola fruit, employing mathematical modeling and artificial neural networks. She delves into the influence of extraction techniques on biologically enriched soursop fruit, emphasizing a comparative approach using statistical tools. Dr. Jadhav’s current work includes investigating the effect of drying temperatures, solvents, and extraction methods on antioxidant activity and acetogenin content in Annona muricata leaves. Her diverse research spans Biomass Conversion, Biorefinery, and Food and Humanity, showcasing a holistic commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of food technology. 🌐📊


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