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Assoc Prof Dr Dele Raheem: Food System | Best Researcher Award

Senior Researcher at Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland

Publication Profile:🌟👨‍🎓

🎓 Degrees:

Associate Professor (Docent), Food Microbiology, Univ. of Helsinki, Aug 2020. D.Sc in Food Sciences, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland, Oct 2006. PG Certificate in Education, Univ. of Greenwich, London, UK, Jul 2001. M.Sc in Cereal Technology, Univ. of Helsinki, Finland, Mar 1994.


Project Management Certificate, Finnish Institute of Entrepreneurs, Oct 2012 – Apr 2013. Visiting Doctoral Researcher, Food Research Centre, Univ. of Lincoln, UK, Mar 1999 – Aug 2002.

🌍 Experience:

Visiting Sr. Researcher, Sichuan Agri. Univ., China, Apr – Jun 2018. Science Teacher, Teacher’s UK, Mansfield, Feb 2007 – Mar 2010. Microbiologist, EELA, Helsinki, Sep 1998 – Feb 1999.

📚 Research Highlights (Selected):

New food safety challenges of viral contamination (2022). Food System Digitalization for Food and Nutrition Security in the Barents Region (2019). Traditional consumption of and rearing edible insects in Africa, Asia, and Europe (2018). The need for agro-allied industries to promote food security (2011).


Research Focus 🌱🔬:

Dele Raheem, a distinguished researcher, focuses on advancing global food security through innovative approaches. His book “Food Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Nutrition” underscores his commitment to critical objectives in the food sector. Raheem explores cutting-edge topics like blockchain’s role in food traceability, as seen in his chapter on food innovations. With a strong emphasis on the Arctic-Barents region, he co-authored a book on “Food Security Governance.” His research spans edible insects, bio-pigment production, fermented traditional wine, and micro-hydropower systems, addressing diverse facets of sustainable food practices. Raheem’s work aligns with emerging trends, ensuring a resilient and secure future 🌱🍽️.


🔍 All Time:

  • Citations: 1,555
  • h-index: 18
  • i10-index: 25

📆 Since 2019:

  • Citations: 1,386
  • h-index: 16
  • i10-index: 23

Dele Raheem’s research has made a significant impact, garnering over 1,500 citations. His h-index of 18 (all-time) and 16 (since 2019) reflects the substantial influence of his work, while the i10-index demonstrates a broad reach with 25 (all-time) and 23 (since 2019) publications cited at least 10 times. These metrics highlight the sustained relevance and recognition of Raheem’s contributions in the academic community 📖🌐.


Publications Top Notes:
Dele Raheem | Food System | Best Researcher Award | 2273

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